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Tuesday morning found Jason and Tawnee back at class.

It really seems like the classroom work just keeps going on and on… Thankfully the end is in sight.
Today’s class was more firearms training. They are such a huge responsibility and liability, one can never have enough training.
They had to be able to hit a little target 26 out of 30 times at 21′.
Tawnee did extremely well and managed to get 28 out of 30 and 30/30 the second go around.
Jason got 29/30 and 29/30 in his two rounds. Pretty respectable!
After the class was done the instructor signed off on their certification.
Down the hall they went, out the door and back to the rescue.
Tuesday morning Jason and Tawnee took the paperwork from Monday’s training to Butte County Sheriff.
They had to be fingerprinted for the PC-832 training (police academy training) that is coming up in September, and submit all the paperwork for their permits from yesterdays training. Tawnee got her fingers scanned first.
Then it was Jason’s turn to get his fingerprints scanned and sent off to the FBI and Department of Justice.

We can’t thank Dolly C., who donated because it’s her birthday, Adrienne S. and Karen H. for their extremely generous donations! Hang in their folks, we know the training is getting long, but Jason and Tawnee are nearing their completion, it should be just 2 more classes and they can be sworn in as Humane Officers protecting horses and all other animals!

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