Friday was a farrier day. In between all the big horses that got trimmed, Macho Man stood quietly to get his feet trimmed too. He is such a perfect gentleman.

Rocky’s feet are growing in nicely, they were so long, cracked and painful. When we got him we were fearful for quality of life, but his hooves are growing in healthy.

All in all 12 horses were trimmed. Thunder wanted to stand with the most handsome pose he could strike. He certainly is a beautiful horse.
Jason got some con-mix for making concrete to set fence posts.
Last week Dually and Denada were adopted, but somehow they didn’t make it in the blog. Here they are saying “Bye, thanks for taking care of us while we were here and giving us such a great chance at a new life.”
Sunday morning found some horses in the anonymous drop pen. We are not revealing the horses identity yet just in case they are neighborhood runaways like last time. We should know more in the coming weeks.
We had a previous adopter, who adopted Dun Deal (one of the Clint Ritchie horses) come to the rescue to look for a project horse for a young man. They really liked Tante. She brought pictures of Dun Deal and she is doing wonderfully.
Tante really liked them too.
Soon adoption papers were signed and you could tell that both Tante and the young man were very happy about Tante going home. Transportation arrangements are being made, and soon Tante will be in a wonderful loving home.
Hilly’s family brought a friend with a trailer. They were approved to adopt and were ready to take her home. What an absolutely adorable adoption photo. You can tell she’ll be getting lots of loving.
She was a little hesitant about loading, but finally hopped in without too much fuss. Then the trailer door was closed.
Every time this family has come out they have to spend time petting the donkeys. Of course they had to say “Bye” to them before they headed home.
But the donkey’s wouldn’t say “Bye” they said “Take us with you!” So, they signed the adoption papers for Juanita and Vinny too. All our long-ears found their home today.
Soon a truck and trailer pulled into the rescue. A man got out and said “I got a message that you take horses on Sundays, is that right?”
Of course we said “Yes” so everyone went back to unload a big 21 year old TB gelding. Right when he opened the trailer door and stepped up to untie his lead, he pulled back, broke the rope and came flying out of the trailer just as Tawnee snapped the picture. A perfect example of why you never want to stand too close to the trailer when horses are unloading OR loading.
But soon he was relaxed in a nice quiet pen enjoying some nice yummy food.
His owners were no longer able to keep him. They said if no one was at the rescue they would have just put him in a pen and left. There are a lot of really desperate horse owners out there.
As you probably noticed in the above picture, Crow was sitting on Tawnee’s shoulder. He likes to hang out there and thinks that he is a parrot and not a chicken.
Soon another trailer was pulling in.
It was a poor mare with a severe case of cancer. She came to the rescue for the last gift of kindness. We had some cancellations for the clinic, so we are going to be having a mini-clinic, and hopefully we can finish the fundraising thermometer so we can have a regular clinic in September. We do have a few more horses for the clinic that have not been on the blog due to their owners wishes.
The last visitors of the day came to visit Juanita and Vinnie. The only problem was, they had been adopted and were already home by that time. So Tawnee convinced them to consider a llama instead. Pepper would make a great companion for their goats too. The lady’s husband was a little skeptical at first. Standing back with his arms crossed like “Really, a llama?” Pepper was quite skeptical of the lady and wasn’t sure what to think of her.
Soon she passed the lead rope to her husband and it was pretty much an instant bond. Pepper liked him and he se
emed to like Pepper. They are submitting their application and are hoping to adopt him if he is still at the shelter when they get their pen finished.
What a wonderful day, lots of adoptions and people interested in adding a new member to their family.
Many thanks to Karen T., Jean S., Barbara B., Roberta A., Charlotte A., Dianna S., Ian C., Bev W., for their extremely generous donations.

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  1. I was wondering about the little mare, “Trinket”. Has she seen the vet, yet, and what is her prognosis?

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