We got a call from the kb that he had 6 horses in the trailer we could buy if we wanted. We said “Yes.” He said he would call when he was going through Marysville, but he forgot and didn’t make the call until he was at the rescue. We would like to thank Jennifer G so much for covering the cost of purchasing these lives, thank you Jennifer! Your support is greatly appreciated.
Soon Tawnee arrived and he was backed up to the round pen unloading the precious lives.

Soon all the horses were unloaded and the kb was off down the road.

The horses all looked on with wondering eyes, curious about the new development in their lives.
Meet Gambler, he is a sweet guy but has ring bone pretty bad.

Bailee is a cute young gelding who seems to be fine and healthy, just a little thin.
Caeser is an Appy gelding. The poor guy is sore on his feet, and…
…this eye is having a lot of issues.
This cute filly is named Summer. She is a yearling who needs someone who is willing to spend the time with her to make her a beautiful well trained mare.
Promise is another yearling filly. Both these girls are very cute and will be looking for their forever home soon. The kb got both Summer and Promise from an auction.
Buckeye is a cute little Sheltand pony gelding. He has a big problem sadly.
His left front hoof is twisted beyond belief. We believe, possibly, that he may have the same condition that Macho Man and Baby did, but obviously much more severe. We will be having him evaluated by the vet to see what she thinks can be done to make him comfortable. Keep your fingers crossed, just maybe a surgery can save this poor little guy.
Looking at his hoof so mangled and twisted, it’s hard to figure out where it begins and where it ends.
Once everyone was settled and had food and water, it was off to run some errands. Tawnee got a call from April and Larry. They said “There’s a fire and it’s growing fast.” They told her where the fire was and Tawnee got very concerned about one of our previous adopters. Tawnee headed back to the rescue to get the trailer to help with evacuations if needed.
From the rescue the black smoke just looked so angry and ugly.
Tawnee hooked up the trailer and off down the road she went.
The closer she got to the fire, the more people were heading the other direction with their precious animals.
Trailer after trailer was heading out of the fires path.
Fire is such a scary thing. This morning everything was normal, and now everything was chaos.
Burning peoples homes, belongings, and everything they hold dear.
It was nice to see so many people had trailers and were putting them to good use. It’s always scary when people have large animals and have no way to transport them in an emergency.
Tawnee got so close, and then due to safety, she could go no further. With all the firetrucks back there, it would not be wise to put herself and others in jeopardy with so much large equipment and so few turnarounds. She could just hope and pray that the fire would not reach the previous adopters home. Tawnee waited here where she could turn around to see if the conditions would change.
Channel 12 Action News from Chico was there documenting the action. To see the news clip, click here.
Thankfully the firefighters were on the job in time and soon the smoke was starting to diminish.
The helicopters were still flying around dropping water and looking for hot spots, but it looked like the worst was over.
Tawnee headed back out through the roadblock and back to the rescue.
By the time she got back to the rescue all the smoke was practically gone.
It was so nice that the fire did not burn the previous adopters home or come towards the rescue. All our critters were safe today.
Many thanks to Jennifer G. and Faryn K. for their generous donations. We couldn’t save horses without your help!

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  1. To all at NER and especially to Jennifer G and Faryn K, a big THANK YOU. You make the world a little better each day and set an awesome example to the rest of us to do whatever we can to save the horses. It’s so special to wake up in the morning and read about few more horses safely in your care now, God bless you all. Sincerely Colleen

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