At our last euthanasia clinic, one of our previous adoptee’s Bud was brought in. His health was failing and his quality of life was fading fast. His adoptive family made the tough decision to say goodbye. After Bud’s passing, his family wrote us this message:

“Thank you Norcal for rescuing our Bud so that he could become the best friend of a little girl. You found him beaten down, head hung low, and starving. A little love and care and he is the best friend a little girl could every have, he gained his pride back and held his beautiful head high knowing that he was loved. Today we said good by. I want to thank you for providing a way for him go go peacefuly, that last thing he heard was the voice of someone he loved. We are resting in the comfort that the ending of his love was full of love because of what you do.”

Many of you may remember Bud by his rescue story. In memory of Bud, we are re-running his rescue story. May he rest in peace.

Bud’s Rescue Story

Bud was rescued from a livestock auction in June of 2008. It was scary for him as he is blind in one eye and he was very weak.

He definitely needed to gain some weight.

A young girl who was volunteering at the rescue fell madly in love with him and adopted him. We had named him Dakota Boy, but she called him her “Buddy” so now he is known as Bud.

After a few months, Bud started looking like a different horse. His ribs disappeared, his coat was getting shiny, he was happy now with his girl to love on him.

Soon they were off riding all over together.

Once he was fully recovered they started doing 4H events.

It’s amazing seeing him in the middle, so beautiful and filled out. It’s hard to believe he is the same old, bedraggled Thoroughbred that came off the auction.

This summer he was still doing 4h with his girl. He is looking so beautiful and healthy.

We would like to thank those that can open their hearts and homes to an older horse for giving them the chance to live a wonderful life.

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  1. My hat is off to the family that adopted Bud. Looks like the last couple years of his life were special for all of them. Lucky horse and even luckier family. It’s always hard to say goodbye and they had to do it sooner than most. May he rest in peace with thanks to all of you.

  2. Oh my goodness…this reminds me of my daughters first horse, Trinket. We lost her 11/9/09. She was a thin boned throughbred who always looked very skinny and needed senior feed. But she loved Katie very much. Katie worked with her and even though she looked thin, she ran like the wind. Katie rode her in several gymkhannas, and Trinket took first place over several younger horses. She won a buckle with Katie and 4 rosettes for special events…even took first place in speed barrels! Trinket injured her foot and the prognosis was not good. So we loved her enough to say good bye. I miss her every day, but my world is a better place because I knew Trinket. If you can adopt an older horse and give them love…DO IT!! It is so worth it.

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