Today we would like to say Happy Birthday to Larry. This blog is dedicated to one of the best volunteers we have ever had. Larry first heard about us at a fundraising booth in front of Wal-Mart. Him and his wife April came out to the rescue and soon fell in love with Drake.
After their adoption application was approved, they adopted Drake in August of 2008.
Larry and April started volunteering and soon proved themselves to be absolutely invaluable. Larry is handy with just about everything. His painting skills were put to test making the tack shed look wonderful.
He also is great with horses and soon was transporting horses for the rescue.
He also helps a lot with fundraising booths, this was taken at the California State Fair 2009.
He is always willing to lend a helpful hand when there is work to be done.
Even if all he can do is watch, point and say how to do it right.
He is always willing to stay up if there is work to do, even if it means staying up until 2:00 am making protest signs to try and save the Mustangs.

Larry and April manned the intake at the euthanasia clinics for many months.
He is very helpful at auctions and other places where we rescue horses.
By this time Larry was doing most of our emails. Sadly, his back (which he injured at work being a firefighter) started causing him more and more pain. Eventually he had to go in for major back surgery, but even that couldn’t keep him down. Yes, he really did write our emails laying in the hospital bed after major back surgery.
The first time he came out to the rescue after his surgery our blog said: “Brave Larry came out to the rescue today for the first time since his surgery. Jack, the ever watchful dog, immediately noticed that Larry could use some cheering up and put his head in his lap ever so gently. No Larry is not paralyzed. He will be up and walking very soon we hope.”
With his increased back pain, he was more limited to doing office work, but there he shined too.
He started answering phone calls and replying to phone messages, freeing Tawnee up to do more hands on with the horses.
Soon Larry was back on his feet and rescuing horses once again. Here he is picking up Dakota and Cheyenne from their home.
At the new facility, Larry continues to be a huge help. Here he is helping to make the office look great.
Larry and April do most of the watering, feeding, and day to day chores at the new facility.
Larry has a huge heart full of sympathy and love. Here Larry is giving some of that love and sympathy to Dano before his life slipped away.
Larry, you are the best, and from all of us here at the rescue, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank you for showing all the horses you come in contact with so much love.

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  1. happy birthday larry and thankyou for everything you do for all the critters, theres a special place in heaven for people like you,
    april and Paula

  2. Happy Birthday Larry!
    Thank you for taking such good care of me while I was at the rescue! I miss you and everyone at NER sometimes. I thought I heard our trailer the other day, and I sure looked for it! You were a great friend and you helped me get over a lot of fears! You helped me get ready to accept a new Mom and be able to trust again. Thank you so much!! She loves me a lot! I didn’t think it could ever be possible again. But you kept telling me…and you were right. Thanks Larry! You’re the BEST!!
    Love ALWAYS… Olive

  3. God Bless you Larry! Your such a Blessing to the horses And us! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! And Prayers your back is healed real soon! xxx

  4. Hope your B-Day is the best because you obviously are a truly great man! God Bless You for every thing that you do to help these beautifull animals!

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