Bringing you up to speed from last week, Tante left the rescue and headed on his new adventure in life. We are so excited for him and are so glad that he has such a wonderful adopted home.

Buckeye was taken to the vet for an examination and xrays to determine how bad his leg was internally.
Without receiving proper care prior to coming to the rescue, it had gotten far out of control.
At the vet, he was a willing patient. It was almost as if he knew we were trying to help him.
Soon the xrays were being taken. He was such a good boy and stood there so calmly. Of course being able to eat yummy food out of the bucket Tawnee was holding was an extra plus. He has the worst club foot our vet has ever seen, along with an extremely contracted tendon.
The xrays revealed a lot of problems in his little foot. If he was a full sized horse, there would be no chance of a pain free life. Since he is a little guy, his chances of making a recovery are far better. He cannot continue living in this state as he has an extremely poor, painful quality of life. We are hoping to raise $750 for his surgery and care.
Sunday morning at the rescue, we had a very nice lady show up who wanted to volunteer. She got right to work shoveling manure. She was so incredibly helpful! She said she wanted to make a donation for hay, which we desperately need and are very greatly for. Her generosity will feed the horses for about 2 weeks! Thank you so much, we look forward to you volunteering again soon. You were a great help.
Intrepid Monarch was adopted about 9 months ago, but sadly it was not working out so he was returned Sunday. One of our previous adopters who sadly lost his adopted horse due to a tragic health issue was at the rescue looking for a new friend. He and Monarch hit it right off, and you could tell they really enjoyed being in each others company. The adopter is keeping the history alive of the dress and customs of the calvary during the civil war. He was very excited that he will be the only person in his unit that has a Morgan.
Soon adoption papers were signed…
…and Monarch was off to his new home.
We also had a potential adopter come out and look at Forest. He really liked him, but they went home to think about it. One of these days we know that Forest will find that perfect home.
Keller also had some visitors out who gave him a nice long massage. He just couldn’t get enough of the attention. He also enjoyed the misters that Jason installed in the barn today. It really helps keep things cooler and keeps the dust down. We just love all the extra water!
In between all the visitors, progress was being made on the paddock shelters. We have been soaking the holes to make them easier to drill, and it sure did work great! Jason and April were able to drill the holes without any fuss at all.
Soon Jason was mixing concrete.
An almost tragic circumstance happened. When one of the holes was dug, Tawnee looked in and saw something moving. A poor toad was at the bottom of the hole, but thanks to the quick action of a volunteer it was out of the hole and set free. Amazingly enough, he was unharmed. He is an extremely lucky guy.
Jason hoisted the upright metal pole on his shoulder and carried it over to the hole.
The concrete was done being mixed and ready to go in the hole.
Shovel after shovel full went down the hole. Soon the very first post was set in concrete. This was such exciting progress, we know it won’t take so long to get #2 in.
With all the extra water we have decided to start irrigating. Here a little sprinkler is making its way around and around, watering the grass as it goes. It’s also getting the next set of holes wet that needs to be drilled.
Please remember Buckeye’s surgery to save his life. Without this surgery, the only kind thing to do will be to have him humanely euthanized to save him from his life of pain, but you can make a difference. You can give him the gift of life. Please donate for Buckeye’s surgery, he is counting on you! Click here to help Buckeye.

Many thanks to Rebecca H., Jimmy C., Constance W., Pamela N., Lori F., Wendy S., Phyliss K, Rebecca O., Anonymous for their very generous donations!

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