Thanks to your generosity, all of the needed funds were raised to give Buckeye the surgery he needs to make him comfortable! Thank you thank you thank you!

Monday morning found Tawnee on the road. Tawnee was taking Buckeye to the vet once again.

At the rescue, Jason and a group of volunteers were preparing for a big work day.

At the vet, Buckeye was led into the barn for his first treatment.
He was wide-eyed with wonder, he knew something special was going to happen. Someone finally realized his little foot needed help!
The farrier’s could not believe their eyes. They said they had never seen a case this bad before.
They got to work trimming and shaping his hoof so after his surgery he will be able to stand more normal.
After the surgery, he should be able to stand on the newly trimmed hoof. It is unbelievable, we are holding our breath that his surgery will be 100% successful. We would like to thank you so much for making this possible.
Dipper was getting his feet done. Today was his big day to head to his new family. We wanted to have one last nice trim before he headed off on his new life. If you remember, he was one of the colts that came to us with extremely long feet. He is now a properly trimmed gelding.
At the rescue all the horses were enjoying the day. The cooler weather sure has been nice for everyone!
Jason and the volunteers continued putting up the poles for the shelters.
Pole after pole was set in concrete, plumbed and made straight. It was a lot of hard work getting them set!
Tawnee and a volunteer headed down the road with Dipper and Coco (one of the yearlings rescued from the kb on August 12th.) A very wonderful lady wanted to adopt both of them as she wants to put some training on them to make them more adoptable in the future. Her plan is to make them more adoptable and then adopt them out through us and train another couple young horses from the rescue that need her help.
Finally all 20 of the posts were in the ground. After a week to let the concrete set hard around them, we will be able to get the roofs on. Then the pens will need to be built under the shelters, we can’t wait!
Tawnee and the volunteer finally arrived at Dipper and Coco’s new home. They were wide eyed and looked out of the trailer with wonder.
Soon the trailer was backed up and it was time to get them unloaded. Dipper was a little shy about coming out, but Coco convinced him otherwise.
Soon they were both enjoying their yummy supper. We would like to thank this adopter for opening her heart and home up to these two young horses that so desperately need training and one on one bonding time with people.
After the horses were settled, the adopter said she wanted to donate a trailer load of hay. Soon 40 bales of nice yummy hay was loaded up in the trailer. Thank you so much!
It was a very long drive back, but there was such a beautiful sunset along the way. A wonderful ending to a wonderful and busy day.
A huge “thank you!” to Chris R., Colleen S., Iris L., Norma C., Melissa P., Carla G., Kim P., Erin D., Susan T., Victoria C., Barbara P., Jennifer K., Elizabeth K., Aimee W., Kim K., Betsy W., Zsuzsana W., Julie P., Cynthia S., Barrelracingnews.com, Faryn K. They all made Buckeye’s surgery possible and more!

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