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We have been wanting to share some horse updates about adoptees for some time now, and today we have the opportunity. First we will share the sad news, then the happy news.

Casper was surrendered to us and adopted by one of our wonderful adoptive homes. She gave him a wonderful home and they spent many hours together on the trail, parades, and just spending time together. Sadly, a couple weeks ago, he suddenly passed away from what we believe is an aneurysm. Casper, you were such a wonderful loving boy, you will be truly missed.

On to happy updates, Olive, the abandoned Mustang mare, is doing great in her new home. Her new mommy loves her so much!

We received this update about Dakota: “Just wanted to update you on Dakota, the arab that we adopted last November. He’s a special boy, extremely sweet and gentle, and we absolutely adore him. He has personality+ and even comes on command.
He’s in a large pen with 3 other horses and may be as much as 200 ft. away from the gate, but his head will pop up when his name is called and he trots over while the others stay behind–quite the character!!
His training is going well, he’s a quick learner and willing student. He’s wearing a western saddle pad in the photo only because the surcingle was a little big on him, but he is being trained classically. Next, he’ll learn to take the bit and will be ready to ride.
Thank you again for rescuing him and so many other worthy horses.”

Dakota came to us from Placer County Animal Control. Thank you so much for giving him such a great home!

Ramito, on the left, is doing great too. His mommy and daddy are the same mommy and daddy of Officer Kramer, the police horse. Ramito’s owners were no longer able to keep him and surrendered him.

Here is an update on Brighty: “Took this today, thought you’d like to see Kathryn getting ready for her first horse show, on Brighty!! She is very excited for her “Pee Wee Equitation class”….she has breeches, boots and is ready to go. Brighty is such a trooper. Pik, Tonka, Dolly & Cruiser are all great!”

Brighty was surrendered to us to find a forever home. He definitely has that!

Here is an update on Sienna & Ebony: “I wanted to share a quick update on Sienna, Ky (Sienna’s Filly), & Ebony. I brought home Sienna & Ebony 1 1/2 years ago and they are doing great. I’ve been having such a great time working with them and watching them progress in their training. They are all so gorgeous and sweet. They came to me almost completely unhandled and now all three tie, bathe, trailer, stand politely for the vet, farrier, grooming, and most of all they are happy and extremely spoiled and loved!! Sienna & Ebony stand patiently while being tacked up and seem to enjoy their ground work. Sienna has been under saddle several times now and so far has been a complete angel, never offering a buck or anything naughty. I sure got lucky finding your rescue and these girls! Thank you!!”

Ebony was rescued from the Roseville Livestock Auction.

Sienna was also rescued from the Roseville Livestock Auction the same day as Ebony. They were ran through the auction ring together. Many thanks to Jennifer G for making their rescue possible!
Unbeknown to us, she had this cute girl tucked away in her belly when she rescued. She had a nice surprise for her adopter. What a cute ado
rable baby.
Cooper’s Update: “I adopted Cooper at the end of 2008. New Years Day 2009, we had an accident- he was threatened by a couple of dogs from a neighboring property that came through the fence, and in his haste to get away, he lost his footing in the snow and ended up falling… on me… I ended up with a broken collarbone and shoulder, and multiple broken ribs. As you can imagine, I could not ride for several months. When I was really able to ride, I decided to start him over as if he had never been broken. I have put many hours into him, with the payoff being an incredibly sweet loving reliable saddle horse! Thank you so much for my boy, and for everything you do!”

Cooper was rescued from Roseville Livestock Auction. We are so thankful that he has such a wonderful home that is willing to stick with him through thick and thin.

This update we got on Buck, Doc and Pedo. The adopters wrote up a little narrative for their pictures…

Buck is nearly 30 years old now, he was adopted from us in 2006. He came to us because his owners would no longer keep him.
“Buck is finally slowing down, or maybe he thought we had grain.”

Doc came to us in 2006 from Lassen County Animal Control.

Doc “Did someone say grain?”

“No grain, then we’re out of here.”

Pedo was rescued from the Cowtown Livestock Auction. He was a stallion, but quickly became a beautiful gelding. He is now enjoying his life immensely.

“Pedo soaking up the sun. Thank you again for helping us find our wonderful friends.”

This is a great update: “Just wanted to drop a line and update you on Beauty (Dakota Flash, grey), Georgia (polomino tobiano), and Hattie (Pearl, bay tovero). Beauty came to me in the fall of 08 and she is now 6. I sent her to a trainer last fall for 60 days and we have been working since spring. She knows all the basics but tends to have a mind of her own, always testing. She is sometimes more of a challenge than I would like. On the upside she keeps me on my toes and forces me to keep improving my skills. Sisters, Hattie and Georgia came to us just over a year ago. Hattie will be going into training later this summer while Georgia will wait another year to give her some time to grow into those legs. I believe that Hattie will make a great kids horse which is good since she seems to be staying kind of small. Georgia on the other hand is a good 15 hands, very smart and much more reactive. Definitely not one to be left sitting. Both turned two in March 2010. I have included a couple of pics of each. One of them just shows the difference in height. Check out Hattie joining me for a cup of ice tea. She is perfectly happy sharing while I prefer to have my own cup. Thank you for the opportunity to know these wonderful souls. Keep up the great work.”

Here Hattie is enjoying sharing a cup with her owner. Hattie was rescued from the Roseville Livestock Auction as a yearling.
Hattie’s sister, Georgia, was also rescued from the Roseville Livestock Auction the same day.
Beauty came to us in 2005, a PMU throwaway. So sad the PMU industry makes so many babies, with no where for them to go. Thankfully Beauty has a wonderful home now and is truly beautiful!
Dun Deal came to us last year, one of the Clint Ritchie mustangs. She is doing very well now with her family. They recently adopted Tante to add to their family.
Montana came to us from the Cowtown Livestock Auction at the same time as Pedo. He too was a stallion who became a gelding and is now enjoying his life. “Just wanted to show you how cute Montana has gotten. He is a good boy. Very sweet, smart and fun. What’s not to love ;-)”

We would like to thank all of our adopters who are giving such wonderful homes to their adoptees. It is so wonderful to save a life by adopting. We love getting updates, if you have adopted from us, please send us an update and maybe you’ll see it on the blog!

Just a reminder, we will be closed to visitors this Sunday, we will still be accepting horse surrenders, but due to limited staff, we will be closed for general visiting.

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