Thanks to your extremely generous donations, $875 has been raised to bring slaughter bound horses to safety. The Dano Fund was established to bring horses in desperate need into the rescue where they can find love, compassion, and the best chance at a forever home. The fund is used for two purposes, transportation costs to bring the horses from the slaughter staging area ($100 per horse) and to rescue horses at livestock auctions, cost depending on what killer buyers are willing to pay for the meat on their bones. Please donate what you can to help save lives. Click here…

We need to bring you up to speed on what has been going on since Labor Day. This mare named Music is 22 years old and was brought to us by her owner due to the hard economic times. She has owned this horse almost all of her life and was absolutely devastated when she had to make the hard decision to bring her to the rescue. Music is a very nice girl that would make a great kids horse. She does have arthritis and would need injections and other medical maintenance to make her comfortable for riding. She is very sweet.

Crow has decided that his life got a whole lot better. It seems that about 20 chickens got displaced due to a move, and they found their way to the rescue. Crow feels like a king! He is a standard size chicken and the rest are bantams.
Now there are 21 chickens running about the rescue eating flies and bugs. They are definitely having a huge chicken party.
There is a hen sitting on 7 eggs. This hen has 1 itty itty baby. If you are interested in adopting some cute bantam chickens to run around your ranch, and you don’t want to eat them, please let us know.
Rascal is a very beautiful Appendix QH gelding who was no longer able to stay with his family due to a divorce. He is 16 years old, he is trained to ride but has been hanging out for awhile and will need a refresher course. He is a big beautiful guy who wants a new home, maybe yours?
Monday a group of guys met at the rescue for a hard days work. The shelters are getting put together, and that was the day to put on the perlins (the cross beams that hold the roof on.)
So many holes had to be drilled, so many bolts put in.
One by one they went up.
It was amazing watching so much work get done.
Finally, the last perlin was being bolted into place. Many thanks to Scott, Larry, Rob and Jason for making the shelters that much closer to being done.
Tremendous progress is being made towards the name change. The legal end of the name change has happened, so we can now legally accept donations as Horse Plus Humane Society. Larry already has his truck magnet made up so people can identify him. Larry got pulled over the other day by law enforcement, and there is already interest in a possible contract to provide animal services. Exciting times!
The website is also moving along, we hope to open it to the public very soon.
And, last but not least, we would like to invite you to visit our Horse Plus Humane Society facebook page. We will be only updating only the Horse Plus Humane Society page now, so make sure you become a fan! click here.
Many thanks to: Emily G. – Pamela N. – Pamela R. – Shawna W. – Dianna S. – Jaime V. – Barbara B. – Carla G. – Marie J. – Faryn K. – Barbara C. – Judy C. – Laurie D. – Heidi S – Todd W. – Claude B. – Shari W. – Maurine K. – Cindy R. – Dena L. – Teresa L. – Joni M. – Patricia F. – Yvonne P. – Omar S. – Katie G. – Marilyn R. – Select Enterprises – Lance A. – Josh W. – Rhonda L. – Yvonne W. – Carla G. – Cindy M. – Show Dressed Up – Sea Horse Training – Gail G. – Lori F. – Sara H. – Becky W. – Lee E. for their extremely generous donations.

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