Thank you so much for your generosity towards saving lives! Currently we have raised $896 towards the goal of $6,500. If anyone is interested in offering a matching donation of $500 or more, please let us know. This really helps with fundraising and makes every dollar count even more!

During feeding time, Tawnee was moving a bale of hay to get it ready to go into the hay wagon. She finally got the bale positioned, reached in for a good hold, when she yelled “Yikes!” and coiled back in pain. What kind of barbaric sticker got into this hay? Sometimes weeds and stickers end up in hay that are not supposed to be there, but whatever this was definitely was the worst. She took a closer look and found a bee. It had stung her pinky finger. Guess there really is a first time for everything!

Tawnee had another surprise when she walked by the tack room. A group of kittens came out of the tack room to meet her. That was a little unexpected!
This little guy jumped up on the hay wagon and posed for a picture. What a cutey!

Once the feeding was done, Tawnee took some photos for the website. This is Radella, the youngster from the last kb drop off. She is a cute little girl and has pretty good manners. Someone spent a lot of time with her at one point before she entered the slaughter pipeline.
Larry hooked up the trailer to head out to make a delivery.
Bailee was being adopted! He loaded up in the trailer all wide eyed for his new adventure and a new beginning. He is a lucky little guy.
Bailee is one of the youngsters the kb brought in on the 23rd of August. He was delivered safely to his home and his mommy was so happy to have him safe at home.
By this time Tawnee had rounded up all the kittens and called Northwest SPCA to see if we could do a shelter to shelter transfer. We are not currently set up for kittens, just as Northwest SPCA is not set up for horses.

They agreed to take the kittens so Tawnee headed to their lovely facility.

Maybe someday in the future as our facility and staff grow and expand, we will have a place for kittens that have no other home. For now, we want to give a huge “Thank you” to the Northwest SPCA for taking these little guys. If you are interested in adopting one of them, they should be available soon. Most of them were friendly and liked attention. To view their available cats, click here.
From the Northwest SPCA Tawnee headed out to see Buckeye. He is doing extremely well. He is walking so much better and we can tell he is on his way to a great recovery.
We would like to thank each and every one of you who donated to give Buckeye a great quality of life.
There is a lovely horsey picture frame on Ebay that benefits the horses when it sells. It is currently 99 cents and 10% of the sale prices goes to us! You can learn all about it by clicking here.
We will be posting eBay Giving Works items on a regular basis again, so keep your eye on the bottom of the blog for some neat items. If you have items you wish to sell on eBay, and donate a percentage to help out, click here. We would like to thank Bertha L for sending a huge box of items for fundraising. We may be putting them on eBay as well. In lieu of sending us items to sell on eBay ourselves, it is far easier for our staff if you can post them on eBay yourself. You can even select 100% of the sale price to go to the rescue! Items that are mailed directly to us may end up on eBay or used in local fundraiser events. Thank you!
A huge “Thank you!” goes to Sara H., Becky W., Claude B., Lee E., Shari W., Maurine K., Natalie K., Donna A. for their very generous donations. We couldn’t do it without your support!

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