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Recently there was a big happening in Sacramento. They made old town Sacramento look like the 1800’s, they brought dirt in over the pavement, etc etc. Someone there posted the below picture on Facebook. We thought you may all enjoy it. She commented: “This is Monarch, He is from NorCal Equine Rescue and I spoke with his new owner, he can’t say enough great things about his Morgan…. love it! Monarch was at the rescue a week ago! This was his first time through the drills! Way to go!” It looks like Monarch is having the time of his life. Him and his dad were such a great match.

For those that don’t know, Monarch came from Placer County Animal Control and was adopted very recently.

Friday, the chickens were trying to figure out what was going on. They decided that Jason had lost his mind. Jason was tying some scary looking object on top of the hay wagon. Whatever could he be doing? This little chicken couldn’t believe how undignified Jason was acting.
Jason did have a reason for tying a pallet on top of the hay wagon. He would crawl on top and screw the roofing down on top of the shelters. Unfortunately he was the only one working at the time and so he couldn’t get a picture of himself doing it…
It was so nice seeing the roofing going up on the shelters.
Finally the first shelter, named Jennifer Leigh, was up. A huge “Thank you!” to Jennifer who donated the funds to purchase this shelter. In the coming years, thousands of horses will enjoy the shade it provides. What an exciting moment, the first shelter finished.
We would like to give you an update on Buckeye. He is doing great and walking almost as freely as he did before the surgery. It took Macho Man 6 months to fully recover from the surgery. Buckeye is well on his way, we are so excited for him!
He is such a cool little guy, we are so thankful that you, our supporters, made his surgery possible, and we know he is thankful too.
Sunday morning, the chores were in full swing. There were a lot of people out helping, which made the chores go even faster.
Soon the chores were done, and it was time to get back on the shelters. This time, Jason had some great help. There was a great group of guys to help get the shelters up.
Tawnee decided it was high time the round pen get scraped down again. We haven’t chosen the permanent location, and there isn’t any sand in it, so it has to be scraped down to dirt. Especially since it ends up being a holding pen more often then a round pen. She got to work, thinking “Ok, I’ll put everything in piles and make the guys shovel it into the hay wagon.”
April decided to help her too, but shortly after she got to work her cell phone rang. Soon she looked at Tawnee, who was still scraping the loose material into piles, and gave her a stern look and said “Stop!” Tawnee figured she must be making too much noise for April to hear her phone conversation. But wait, April had exciting news…
…a tractor was on the way to the rescue! That is why April wanted Tawnee to stop dead in her tracks. What a huge blessing.
The tractor rolled in and got right to work. Then Tawnee thought to herself “Why was I shoveling those little piles around?”
The tractor made a big job very easy and we are so thankful that Connie brought her tractor to the rescue today to help. It is so nice to have the round pen looking sharp and clean.
Soon the round pen in use once again. Rascal had a potential adopter checking him out.
They really fell in love with the guy and put him in adoption pending. They are also going to have a lameness ex
am done by our vet to make sure he is ok.
Shantee also had a potential adopter visiting her.
Shantee and her got along great and Shantee was put in adoption pending as well.
Meanwhile, the guys were making major progress on the shelters. The next shelter is up, this one is named Sammy.
We also had potential adopters looking at the chickens today. We’re sure the bugs will be happy if the chickens move.

When things settled down, Larry got busy moving the piles from the round pen to the composting pile.
We all dream of someday having a tractor as a permanent resident here at the rescue. But for now, we want to thank Connie again for letting the tractor ‘live’ here for a few days. It is really appreciated!
There was a great adoption this Sunday, but first we must share the history with you. Back in April, we had two horses surrendered come into the rescue. They were both in very poor condition, skinny and bedraggled. They were half brothers. The person who owned them fell on hard times due to the economy. They arrived at the old rescue location after dark and were led into the waiting pen where food and water were plentiful.
We had a someone become approved to adopt who was very interested in adopting both them. She really liked the little black and white one, Lou, and could see through his shabby outside and see the heart of gold inside. With a little love and care, he would be beautiful on the outside once again.
They really liked both of them, but they completely fell for Lou. They wanted to take them both home, we were all in high hopes that Lou and Chip would be able to spend their whole lives together and have a great home.
After speaking with their trainer and different folks, it was decided to only adopt Lou. They wanted to concentrate on Lou to make sure his recovery was complete and they were able to spend the time with him that he needed. Two horses in rehab was a little much for their home.
We were sad that Chip would not be able to be adopted with Lou, but were happy that Lou was going to his forever home. We were very happy when Connie, who brought the tractor, adopted Chip. She was going to rehab him, put some training on him, and then bring him back to the rescue as a more adoptable horse. She knew she couldn’t keep him forever, but she wanted to give him the gift of a great start to life.
Meanwhile, Lou was doing great and his adoptive family was ready to add another member to their family. They came to the rescue Sunday to look around and see who they might find. They brought this recent picture of Lou. He is doing great and has really started growing. Connie told them how well Chip was doing, and that he was ready to be adopted through us once again. They got so excited, they just had to go see him.

Unfortunately, there was no camera to catch the events, but as you can see from this older photo, Chip has filled out and is a gorgeous boy once again. He has had lots of groundwork training and he takes the saddle wonderfully. They filled out the adoption paperwork and added Chip to their family. We are so excited that these two brothers will be together once again. Everything worked out great in the end!
A couple of announcements: First off, we recently found out that no emails had been sent through Larry’s email system for a couple weeks. We are working getting this complication solved and get the email system up and going once again. We apologize for any inconvenience. Hang in there, you will get a reply!
Second, Jason and Tawnee are going to be in training for the rest of the week. They are hoping to post to Facebook, facebook.com/horsehumane, for updates, but they do not expect to write a full blog until after next Sunday’s events. We thank you for your understanding.
We plan on being opened to visitors next Sunday.
Many thanks to Anonymous, Sara H., Claudia S., Margaret B., Danielle C., Donna A., Denise S., Judith H., Pat B., Lee E., Kristen D., Iris L., William E., Roberta A., Martha M., Marilyn R., Robert D., Martin O., for their generous donations. We couldn’t do it without your support!
Please remember, there is a $500 matching donation for the Dano Fund, please consider donating today. Click here.

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