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It was a long week at the rescue, Jason and Tawnee were at training so now it is time to catch you up on the happenings.

Monday, the kb came with a stallion we believed was cryptorchid. He also had an old leg injury on his hind leg. Our vet evaluated him to determine whether he was cryptorchid or not. Sadly, he was cryptorchid, and due to other issues preventing him being adoptable, he was humanely euthanized. We are so thankful that he never knew the horrors of the slaughterhouse, and that he was able to be pulled from the pipeline and given a dignified and humane ending.

The KB had a little goat in the trailer as well. He wanted $20 for her. She was injured and we just couldn’t let her go.

Betty is a cute little girl. She was very weak, but was so grateful for the yummy food.

While the KB was there, Connie was out on the tractor scraping pens and making everything look great. We really appreciate the tractor being at the rescue!

 April, Larry and the volunteers were going to be keeping the rescue running all week. Unfortunately there didn’t seem to be a camera available, so there are no pictures from the rescue all week. They took horses to the vet for evaluations, lameness exams, and they also took Betty to the vet for medical care. Meanwhile, Jason and Tawnee did have a camera with them, so the blog will follow their week.
On part of the trip to the training, Jason and Tawnee saw this billboard alongside the road. It’s a compelling thought. If you can’t read it, it says “Which do you pet? Which do you eat? Why?”

Soon they arrived at the Santa Rosa Police academy once again. It is a beautiful facility.
 The training they would be taking was PC 832 Firearms. It is part of their training for becoming level I humane officers.
The first day was spent in the classroom learning all the ins and outs of everything.

The next two days were quite difficult and were spent in the gun range. It was an extremely strict class, 2 people were kicked out due to safety violations, and 2 people didn’t pass the final shooting test.

8 hours a days standing in a hot, humid stinky gun range is quite draining on your feet and legs.
There were some short breaks after a few hours of standing. Tawnee just had to find somewhere to sit, even if it meant sitting on top of a fire hydrant. She just had to give a break to her legs!

Here they are learning how to shoot from behind cover. The wood simulated the corner of a building.

Finally all the shooting was done, the final test was taken, and the instructors were counting bullet holes.

Tawnee passed with flying colors, and got 36 out of 36. Jason is embarrassed to say that Tawnee beat him, but at least he passed. He got 35 out of 36. Passing was getting 29 out of the 36. Two people didn’t shoot good enough to pass.

They were awarded their POST certificates of completion.

Sunday morning, Jason and Tawnee headed out to check on the critters that are at the vet. Buckeye is doing absolutely great. You can tell he is so much more comfortable now, he has a new peace about him.

To refresh your memory, here is a picture of his hoof before the surgery.
 And this is how it looks now. What an amazing difference!

Betty is doing well too. She was still waking up from her morning nap when Tawnee looked into her stall.

We didn’t realize it, but her injury went all the way through the underside of her leg out the top. Most likely she was gored by another goats horns at the auction.

Shadow, the surviving calf from the last calf rescue, is doing great and moved out to the rescue. She is healthy and strong, and now able to begin her new life with all the other critters. She enjoyed meeting Parcy too.

After feeding time, she went running around. Shanti was in the round pen and wanted to have some fun too.

Shadow is living with Dottie and Macho Man. She is quite comfortable and happy with them.

Sunday some great potential adopters come out and look at horses. Scarlet was placed in adoption pending. This girl was very interested in Music, and are hoping to adopt her into their family. Keep your fingers crossed, she would have a great home as they have adopted from us before and they have an awesome home.

Jason and some volunteers got to work putting up a new shelter. This shelter was donated to the rescue a few weeks ago, they just didn’t have a chance to get it up yet. It is an older shelter, and extremely strong and heavy.
One by one the walls went up, but when it came time to put the gate up, it took every bit of muscle these two strong guys have to actually pick it up. They estimated that just the gate section of the shelter weighs over 350 lbs! No horse should be able to hurt it and it will keep the horses inside very safe.

Larry started putting the water line in down the shelters.
But then he had to use to the tractor to put the roof on the shelter.
Once again, Connie’s tractor was a lifesaver, the roof is probably over 600 lbs, and there is no way to put it up there without a tractor.

Finally the shelter was all together and ready for an inhabitant.
Jason and Tawnee say it’s great to be back after the training. It is so calm and peaceful compared to the noise and smoke of the gun range. Please bare with us as everyone gets caught back up with emails and phone messages.
Parcy graduated too, he is now a big boy and can live out in the pasture with the horses.
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We would like to thank everyone who swipes their SHARES card when shopping. We received a couple checks from them for almost $600! What a great way to help for free. Just remember to swipe that card, it really does make a difference.
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