We are working hard on getting the new site up and going by October 1st, and officially switching over to Horse Plus Humane Society.  It is amazing how much work a name change takes!  From the blog (horsehumane.wordpress.com) to the Facebook ( facebook.com/horsehumane) to a new twitter name (twitter.com/horsehumane)  down to the new website (still under construction, but you can probably guess the name, and if you do, give it a typo check for us!)  There are even some amazing new changes taking place on the backend, one of the most exciting of which will be a new phone system.  Big changes are taking place, but our mission is and always will be the same: doing everything we can to help as many horses as we can escape the brutality of abuse and slaughter.  Hopefully some day in the future we will be able to only worry about over-breeding and educating owners like those in the dog and cat welfare field.  Dogs and cats don’t get shipped to slaughter en masse.  But for now, our fight is a much harder fight.  Together, we are making a difference!  This year alone, we have rescued 303 animals, mainly horses but a few day old calves and some goats.  In total, we have rescued 1,495 animals since 2003.  No, we’re not counting chickens, cats or pigeons, they haven’t been put into the system.  We are proud of the work we do and know you are too, because you make it possible every day.

Larry was on the tractor today finishing the water ditch to provide water to the shelters.  The waters will be under the shelters so it can stay cool in the shade.

After the ditch was dug, the pipe was laid in.

Then the dirt was put back on top.  Sadly, there wasn’t enough glue for the pipe, and a couple other supplies need to be bought, so Larry wasn’t able to get it finished.

This afternoon we got a phone call from a desperate horse owner.  He had no money, and had lost everything.  We told him that we could take his horse, thanks to the generosity of Caroline R and Irene C whose donations today made it possible for poor arthritic Gaily to come in under our Last Act of Kindness program.  She has severe arthritis in her knees and is in lots of pain.  As always, our vet will do a quality of life determination to see if her pain can be managed and she can be placed into our adoption program.

We are so thankful that we are able to bring in horses like Gaily who have no other options.  Their owners are even more grateful that we are here to help no matter what.

Gaily has such a cute face.  So many owners are faced with such desperate situations.  Some owners simply abandon their horse.  Others give them away to what they hope is a good home.  Others starve them.

Soon Gaily was at the rescue eating yummy hay.

Ruthann has been diligently spreading the word about the Animal Rescue Site’s Holiday Shelter challenge.  We really appreciate her writing this up.  We have attempted it before, but it’s complicated… Way to go Ruthann!  “NorCal is signed up to participate in the Animal Rescue Site’s $100,000 Holiday Shelter Challenge which starts September 20. Go to www.theanimalrescuesite.com. There is a purple button to click on to donate free food to rescued animal. This… is free to you. It is all paid for by the sponsors. After clicking you get to a page where you can vote for your favorite rescue. Click on the word Vote with a heart next to it. Put in NorCal in Oroville, CA, click to vote. You will then come to a page to confirm your vote by saying what animal’s picture is being shown that day. On the homepage, You can register for a reminder to be sent to your email everyday so that you won’t even have to remember to do this. You will be donating free food to help rescued animals and helping NorCal.If you are reading this, you see what great work these wonderful people do. Let’s all commit to share this on your facebook page and ask our friends to post it. This organization deserves all the help and blessings that they can get. Please help. We can do this!!!”

There is a gorgeous Courbette Felbach saddle on eBay we think you may just want to take a closer look at.  It is currently $9.99 and 25% of the sale price goes to help the horses!  Click here.

Many thanks to Caroline R.  and Irene C. for their generous donations to the euthanasia clinic.  Gaily thanks you too!

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