Jason and Larry had to head to Chico, so they stopped by the railroad yard to get some more ties for fence posts.  We can’t thank Dustin at Union Pacific enough for arranging these extremely cheap posts for us! 


  One by one Jason loaded them into the trailer.  Some of them really are heavy, others were fairly light. 


  This one looks like it’s heavy, and he says it was! 


  From the rail yard they headed to Tractor Supply to get the material for the 1st pen under the shelters.  Jennifer G graciously donated the needed funds for the 1st pen.  She wants horse living under the shelter she donated! 


  The plan is to have 20′ x 32′ pens, 1 horse per pen.  20 pens in total for the first group of shelters. 


These 16′ sections sure are long.  


    One by one Jason and the Tractor Supply worker loaded the panels on top of the railroad ties. 


  Soon the panels were all loaded and they headed to the rescue.  


  At the rescue, there were a great group of volunteers waiting for the material to show up.  April and Amee got down in the ditch and started gluing the water line while Larry, Colby and Jason set the center posts. Colby, holding the post, is a very helpful young man who has started volunteering on an almost daily basis when he is not in class.  He is extremely helpful and we cannot thank him enough for all his time and energy.  He hopes someday to make a career in the animal welfare mission. 


One by one the posts went up, while the girls did a great job laying the water line. 



  Finally the center posts were done and they set up the panels in the approximate location where they will be for a visual of how it will look.  We can’t wait to ge the first pen done!  Who will be the lucky horse to live in the Jackey Boy pen first?  Tawnee says it will be Buckeye, but time will will tell. 


  It sure will be nice to have all 20 pens ready for residents.   It will be much easier for potential adopters to visit them on an individual basis instead of visiting them in a herd setting.  We will definitely have to plan a big open house when they are done. 


  Today’s eBay giving works item is a great gift for a kid in your life.  It is a Fisher Price Digital Arts and Crafts Studio that is both fun and easy.  Great great gift for a 4-9 year old!  It’s only $14.99 and 25% goes to help the horses!  Click here. 


Many thanks to Vivian B for her generous donation, we really appreciate your support!

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