On Friday, Darlin was brought into the rescue by one of our previous adopters, Christina, who found her being neglected in someones back yard.  Apparently, that person thought she was doing just fine.  Our vet will be evaluating her, but we do know that she has bad arthritis in her knees and probably cushings.  She is a sweet little girl, it is so sad to see any emaciated horse, but especially a pony.  They don’t need much food!

Christina also brought in this mare, Dancer.  She is an older mare who’s owner was no longer able to keep her, so Christina brought her too.  She has a bad hip problem, and Christina was quite fearful for her future.  It’s always great when our previous adopters become more alert to equines in need and do what they can to help.

Sunday morning was an exciting morning.  Buckeye was ready to come to the rescue to find his home!  He is doing so much better it is unbelievable.  We would like to thank each and every one of you who made his surgery possible.

At the vet, Tawnee stopped in to say “Hi” to Betty.  She too is doing absolutely amazing, she is actually able to walk on her little leg now and was happy to have some company.

We hope that soon she too will be able to come to the rescue to find her forever home.  She is a little sweetheart and loves attention.

Back in the trailer, Buckeye was saying “Goodbye” to his friends at the vet.  Soon he realized he had a new friend in the trailer, Lady.  Lady was one of the kb horses that came to us August 12th.  She had a runny nose when she came, but now it has cleared up and she was ready to head to the rescue to find her home too.  Due to the length of this blog, we will have more pictures of Buckeye in a future blog.

Lady posed for a quick snapshot.  She is such a cute girl.  She has TB looking legs on her, but any guesses on what her head might look like?  We are having a hard time guessing her breed.

We would like to send a huge “Thank you!” to each and every one of you that helped fund the euthanasia clinic this month.  All of the needed funds were raised thanks only to you.  As we expected, with winter coming on, it was a very busy clinic.  We even had to start directing traffic because trailers were getting piled up at the rescue!  We wanted to share a few of the stories of some of the horses that came to the clinic.

We almost fell over when we heard this guys age: 45 years old!  His owners had him for a very long time, they had gotten him when he was in his 30’s.  They figured they would have him for a few years.  A few years kept stretching on out.  The last few months his health has started failing him and he has started rapidly losing weight.  His owners knew it was time to say “Goodbye.”   What an amazing horse!

This beautiful horse was 34 years old.  She was owned by her owner since she was a 2 year old.  That’s 32 years in the same home, the way it is supposed to be.  It was a hard “Goodbye” but she didn’t want to put her horse through another long winter.  Her health was starting to fail and it was time.

Sassy didn’t come into our euthanasia clinic, but was surrendered into our adoption program.  Her owner could no longer keep her. She is really a cutey!

We posted this picture on our Facebook with some information about her.  Shortly after posting her, one of our previous adopters put her in adoption pending.

She can’t wait to go home!  We hope that the potential home works out, they are an A+ adoptive family.  Every horse that can live at their house is a lucky horse indeed.

Today was a hard enough day, euthanasia clinic surrenders are always tough, but then to make matters worse, volunteer Connie came over and drove her tractor away.  It was a wonderful tractor and it only blew 1 hydraulic line while at the rescue.  She says she’ll bring it back when we need it.

There were so many trailers coming into the rescue it was mind boggling at times.  We are so thankful they were there, we are so thankful that each and every horse that came to the clinic will never know the horrors of the slaughter house.

This horse was over 20 years old, and owned most of her life by the same family.  Sadly she was sold, and the people that bought her foundered her, so the original owners bought her back and tried to make her comfortable.  But now they knew it was time, her feet just couldn’t hold her up comfortably anymore.

We had a potential adopter looking at Scarlett.  She had come out to look at her last Sunday, and wanted to come spend more time with her today.  Tawnee explained to her that it was our clinic surrender day and that things would be very busy.  Finally Tawnee got a moment to show Scarlett’s riding ability.  Tawnee says she feels like she is riding on an elephant when she is up there.

Then the potential adopter rode her and is absolutely in love with Scarlett.  She is going to go out to the vet for a pre-adoption / lameness exam.  We are excited with high hopes that soon Scarlett will be heading home.

One of the last horses surrendered into the clinic was very hard for the family to say “Goodbye.”  The horse had been in their family for years.  He had been passed down through their family for awhile, he is the oldest horse we have ever had at the rescue that we know of.  He is 47 years old!!!

He is a registered Pony of America, and was registered about 9 years after the POA registry actually started.  It is amazing to see such an old guy with such a shiny coat.  Imagine all the rides he has given and all the smiles he has made.

Sadly, the poor guy has cancer in his sheath area which causes him a lot of pain, bleeding and problems urinating.  He is such a sweet guy, we are thankful that we are able to have this clinic to provide the last gift of kindness for horses like him.  This is what this clinic is all about, giving horses like him a peaceful ending to their magnificent lives.  We heard the words “If it wasn’t for this clinic, I would have had to my horse to a sale.”

It was break time for some of the volunteers.  Crow, the original chicken at the rescue, has become a begging chicken.  We all seen dogs begging for food, but now we have a begging chicken who won’t stop begging until he gets something yummy.

He is perfecting his begging art and no one can refuse his pleading looks.

His begging got really rewarded when he managed to get some soda from volunteer Amee.  He got really energetic after that.  We’re not sure how many chickens beg and drink soda, but Crow is definitely something else.

Once everything settled down, there was a big project that needed to be done.  The office / feed room needed to be moved in preparation for winter to a better location.  Everyone looked at Jason and said “Can your truck do it?”

Jason, Larry, Colby, Amee, Tawnee and April all pitched in it make sure it was done right.  It was the biggest load Jason’s truck has ever pulled, but it did it like a champ.  It was amazing to see such a small looking truck moving such a big looking trailer.

It only needed to be moved 100′ , and soon it was right where it belonged.

Once it was all set up, Crow came by to see if anyone was taking a snack break.  He didn’t find anymore food, but he did give his stamp of approval to the new location of the office.

For all you “My Little Pony” fans, this is the chance of a lifetime.  There is a huge My Little Pony set on eBay, with 50% of the proceeds going to help the real ponies at the rescue.  It has pony’s from the early 80’s – 2004.  There is a total of 77 pieces.  All of these pony’s need a new home.  No adoption approval needed.  The “adoption fee” is currently only $9.99 for all of them and the “transportation fee” is pretty cheap too.  Bid today, click here.

Don’t forget to vote for us in the shelter challenge!  We are #5 in California and #82 overall.  We’re moving up thanks to you!  Click here.

We would like to send a huge thank you to everyone once again who made the euthanasia clinic possible and for supporting the horses at the rescue.  Thank you –   Mari J., Stephanie D., Catherine J., Kim H., Janet M., Kathleen S., Joni M., Susannah J., Pamela N., Margaret O., Annie W., Roberta A., Carla G., Theresa N., Deb B., Ruthann C., Susan T., Sondra W., Marsha H., Jessica B., Stormy May Productions, Glennis R., Lawrence R., Angela T., Neatha C., Jody W., Sara H., Laura C., Misty C., Michelle P., Irene C., Karen B., Constance W., Donna C.

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