We are slowly moving up the ranks, we are now #4  in California for the Animal Rescue Site’s $100,000 shelter challenge.  We are at #77 overall.  Keep up the good voting and tell your friends to vote too, vote now – click here.

Jason and a volunteer hooked up the trailer and hit the road.  There was a horse that needed to be surrendered, they wanted to bring him to the clinic but had no way to transport him.  We also had an older cushings horse come in this morning for the clinic.  What a busy clinic!  We are thankful that this clinic was made possible to keep horses out of the slaughter pipeline and to give desperate owners a humane solution.

Quanta is a sweet 28 year old blind Appy.  He recently became blind and was not adjusting well at all to his new situation.  He had injured himself  in his pen and his owners, who had him for 8 years, knew it was time to say “Goodbye” as they were no longer able to properly care for him with his blindness.

They lived in a residential area on a busy street, Jason was hoping that Quanta would be able to get into the trailer without too much fuss.

While bystanders blocked traffic, Quanta was slowly given direction on how to get into the trailer.  First one leg, then the other.   He wasn’t too keen on getting in, but with time and patience…

…he hopped in the trailer and was ready to go.  It’s odd how almost all horses prefer to ride backwards in a trailer, even blind horses.

Then the long trip back to the rescue.

Back at the rescue, Quanta unloaded without too much fuss.

He was gently led to the waiting pen, where he was shown his food and water.  It is free of obstacles and is the safest place for him.

We are going to evaluate him for quality of life, ideally we would love to see him go to Home at Last.  They have taken a lot of other blind horses from us, and have had wonderful results in helping them adjust to their vision impairment and finding them the right guide horse.  They require $150 month sponsorship for horses, and it would be wonderful if Quanta would be able to go there, if he has a good quality of life after being evaluated by our vet and staff.  Home at Last Sanctuary recently had a TV interview with Channel 12.  You can watch it, click here. Wouldn’t it be great if someone would step forward and give Quanta a lifetime sponsorship?

Today’s eBay Giving Works item is 2 pair of Children’s boy or girl riding pants size 6.  They are only $9.99 and 25% goes to help the horses!  Click here.

Speaking of eBay Giving Works, it has now been updated and changed to Horse Plus Humane Society.  A lot of the listings currently say “Funds go to help NorCal Equine Rescue.”  We are one and the same, bid with confidence!  On the updated information it says “Formerly NorCal Equine Rescue” to clear up any confusion on these items.  Just remember this is a great way to help the shelter, we have raised over $850 through this program.  Simply list your items and click what percentage you want to go help the horses, it really does help and it all adds up.

Many thanks to Vicci B. for their generous donation today!

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