We have some exciting news – we are in 40th place overall for all of the shelters, and 3rd in California.  Thank you for your votes, it is really making a difference!  Let’s keep pushing to the top, click here. Remember the C has to be capitalized in NorCal Equine Rescue.

Today was a moving day.  Moving the little original office from the old rescue location to new facility.  Tawnee took down the “Welcome to NorCal Equine Rescue” sign off the post by the old office.  The sign will have to go into our museum, it was the first sign ever made for NorCal.

Larry borrowed a wonderful flatbed trailer with a strong winch on the front.  The office was carefully packed and readied to be moved, the big straps were put on, and they started winching.

Up  up up it went, slowly but surely.

Finally it was up on the trailer and ready to go.  By now it was 1:00 pm and everyone was hungry.

Tawnee made a nice vegan meal for everyone.  It’s amazing how excited people get to eat when they have a chance to eat yummy food.  Someone recently asked if we were affiliated with PETA after a comment about eating vegan.  No, we’ve not joined PETA or the Humane Society of the United States.  Jason and Tawnee were both raised vegan and it’s works out really good for them.

Colby had never had vegan mac ‘n cheese before.  He ate it all, but he didn’t say he liked it either…  Larry, on the other hand, loves it and ate like 4 plates.

Once the humans were done eating, Phoenix wandered over to check out the menu.  First he sniffed the chips.

The chips were OK, but what was in this kettle?

Hmm, vegan mac ‘n cheese.  Horses are typically vegan, but this was definitely a step above hay!

Soon Phoenix had his own plate of mac ‘n cheese, along with chips and nacho sauce.  Napoleon had to come over to investigate…

Napoleon is Phoenix’s buddy.  Phoenix was more than willing to share, but Amee got Napoleon his own plate.

Napoleon really enjoyed the days menu.

He didn’t care too much for the chips, but he really loved the mac ‘n cheese.

His lips got all dirty.  Napoleon, you need a napkin!

He didn’t want a napkin, he wanted to lick his lips clean instead.  What a nice lunch for everyone!

The office was ready to go so Jason started pulling out.  April drove her truck in front with the flashers on while Larry drove his behind with the flashers on.

Down the driveway it went.

Up the horribly steep hill…  We are so thankful the rescue has moved, the adopters do not have to slip and slide trying to drive their newly adopted horse up this hill.  2wd doesn’t make it.

…and off down the road.

Soon they were at the new facility and wondering where to put it.

Once the location was decided, it was time to slide it off the trailer.  The ropes and straps were placed just right, Jason drove forward, and…

…soon it was sitting on the ground.  Then the hard work of leveling the office commenced, hours later Jason and Colby finally announced it done.  Sadly, there are no pictures of it sitting level for the blog yet.

Little Bear was surrendered to us Wednesday.  She was originally turned over to our organization in a seizure case in Plumas County in October of 2008.

She was  a bedraggled little baby.  An individual, not knowing the horses were seized in place, went to try and help them.  They offered to buy the baby, which the abusive owner was more than happy to sell, even though she had no right to do so.  This was the only picture the county had taken of Little Bear that we had.  The person in the county assured us that the baby would have a great home.  To see the others that were rescued from the place (the Lucky 7 group) where Little Bear came from, click here. You really should read it, it’s a great blog entry.

We are thankful that Little Bear did make it to a very loving home where she was cared for.  Sadly, they are moving out of state and were not able to take Little Bear with them.

In the previous blog we said there were 3 surrenders Tuesday, we were wrong, there were actually 4.  There was also a very friendly goat surrendered, Buttercup.

Buttercup is a cute goat who loves attention and loves following people around.  He thinks he is a dog, not a goat.  He wants a forever home, maybe yours?

Today’s eBay Giving Works item is a child’s XS chaps by Dublin.  They are only $9.99 and 25% of the sale price goes to help the horses!

Many thanks to anonymous for their generous monthly support!

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