We want to share some adoption update photos we recently received.

Checkers is doing great and looking so beautiful.  Her family absolutely loves her.  It is so great to see her in such a loving home.  We rescued Checkers from the Roseville Livestock Auction back when it was operating.

Sassy loves her mommy too.  By the huge smile you can tell her mommy is so glad to have her in her home.  It is so neat seeing these horses who’s owners were no longer able to keep them, in Checkers case dumped at an auction, living happy wonderful lives today with people who truly love and care for them.  It’s all thanks to your support!

We have been communicating with Peninsula Humane Society since they contacted us last week in regard to 6 horses.  The horses board had not been paid so the landlord took possession of the horses.  He didn’t want to keep them, so he surrendered them to the Peninsula Humane Society.  They have absolutely no horse facilities, so they contacted us to see if we could take them.

Monday morning Jason headed out.  At a stoplight, he saw a suspicious looking rig with a huge stock trailer.  He grabbed the camera and snapped a quick picture for curiosity sake.  Little did he know…

…that Tawnee would immediately recognize it.  This truck and trailer combo used to attend the Roseville Livestock Auction and bid on every cheap horse.  After a few months of being outbid by Tawnee, they quit coming.  Last time Tawnee saw this rig was in 2008.  Apparently they have more horse business to do in California.

After hours of driving, Jason finally arrived at the horses location.  The horses were all happily waiting to see what their future would hold.  Little did they know they really were getting in our great big trailer.  The great thing about these horses is they are all friendly and halter trained.  Just walk up, say “Hi” and put the halter on.  There are a couple have some health issues, but overall they are a great group of horses.

Even though they are friendly, of course they wanted to watch Jason lead them across the hill, so they waited ’till he walked up and put the halter on.

One by one they were led to the trailer and loaded right in.

Soon they were all in and ready to make the trip back to the shelter.

It was a very long drive back, but this  approximately 10 mile bridge made it quite interesting.

Jason arrived at the shelter after dark.  Thankfully volunteer Colby was waiting to help him unload.

The horses were tired of the trip and were more than happy to get out and relax.  It was a long trip, Jason says it was such a nice change from being stuck in a classroom for 8 hours a day.

Today’s eBay Giving Works item is a Circle of Horse Metal Art.  It looks absolutely gorgeous!  It is 20″ across, has a buy it now of $99.99, and 10% will go to help the horses.  Click here.

We moved up on the shelter challenge since yesterdays blog, we are currently 46th overall.  Please vote every day, it does make a difference.   Click here to vote.  The name is still NorCal Equine Rescue, so please enter that to vote for us until further notice.

Thank you everyone for your extremely generous support!  It really does make a huge difference.

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