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The horses who came in from Peninsula Humane Society were all settled in munching their breakfast when Jason pulled up with the camera.

This old man is named Pepper.  He has some lameness going on in his front legs.  He is experiencing a lot of pain, we will be having him checked out by out vet.

Quint is a very pretty horse with decent ground manners.

This too is a very beautiful horse named Wynn.

This pretty boy named Frisky is an Arabian or Arab Cross.  He is a big love, but when he gets excited his ground manners aren’t quite what they should be.

This boy named Ali needs a bit more weight, but he is a real love.  He is a very stunning horse, and quite tall too.

This boy has us a little confused.  He has a brand on the left side of his neck, but we believe that it is an Arabian brand, just on the wrong side.  Until we shave it down we won’t know for sure if it is a BLM or Arabian brand.  Since it is on the left side of the neck, it should be a BLM brand.

He also has a tattoo in his lip.  We should be able to figure out who he is for sure with a brand on his neck and a tattoo in his lip, his identity is surely available somewhere.

Many of you may remember when we sent out a blog about this poor burro that had been extremely abused and neglected.  His owner left him in a terrible state of distress and agony, with improper hoof care and a huge tumor.  This donkey was found and reported to the authorities, hoping this donkey could get help.  Instead he was shot multiple times until enough bullets ripped through his body before his life slipped away.  Everyone was hoping that justice would be served and this poor donkey’s horrific ending would not be in vain.  Many of you wrote letters, emails and phone calls in behalf of this poor little guy.  One of our readers wrote Guiness McFadden, the person who owned the donkey and shot him, asking why he shot the donkey so many times.  Guiness wrote back and stated that right when he was going to shoot the donkey a skunk ran out of the bushes towards him and he had to shoot the skunk multiple times, and then shot the donkey.   And that is why the witness saw and heard multiple gunshots.

The California Donkey and Mule Association’s newsletter for Sept and Oct wrote up an article about the situation.  For those of you who don’t remember, Guiness is an organic farmer, who owns and operates McFadden Farms.  To look at him you would think he is a nice farmer/rancher who cares about the environment and health.  Apparently not.  We all hope he would go behind bars for his extreme cruelty, but what happened is appalling.

The California Donkey and Mule Association’s newsletter says: “This edition of The Broomtale has been delayed while awaiting the results of the District Attorney’s decision in Medocino county.  Most of you may recall the article from the last newsletter fo the severely neglected elderly burro found with a large tumor and 16” long hooves.  He was owned by organic farmer Guiness McFadden of Potter Valley, CA.

“Initially the care was scheduled to go to trial on June 21st, 2010.  It was delayed and rescheduled for August 30th.  After contacting the D.A. who was handling the case, I was advised the defense attorneys were working out a plea deal for Mr. McFadden.  It was apparent Mr McFadden was avoiding a public trial with news media present at any cost.  Likely the D.A. preferred to avoid a costly trial also since it was ‘only a burro.’  On September 8th the D.A. sent my the following press release:

‘The District Attorney and defense attorney have issued a joint press release explaining that this case has resolved without a trail. One of the terms is $1,000 to Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue.  Others are 50 hours of community service and a letter accepting responsibility for the donkey’s condition and death.  Juts wanted you to know this result was the product of much hard work by our District Attorney with input from me and our Chief Deputy Jill Ravitch.  Signed Katherine Houston”

“Prior to the plea deal, Ms Houston had been communicating with me and I had been encouraging her to send Mr McFadden to jail and to prohibit him from owning any livestock in the future (equine, bovine and farm animals.)  As it stands, Mr McFadden could go out tomorrow and adopt any BLM burro or purchase a dozen donkeys without restrictions.

“For two days now I have been sending the above news out to interested parties.  I can’t print in this newsletter the anger and comments that most of the people responded with.  I will print my reply to the D.A.’s office:

Ms Houston,

Wow…. that’s all?!  We all figured it would be a slight slap of the wrist, but that’s probably the result of Mr. McFadden hiring of prominent attorneys on his defense and the fact it was ‘only a burro.’  How sad for the burro… who we now realize he did in fact die in vain.  In the future, people will get this message loud and clear that it’s o.k. to neglect a suffering animal.  The D.A. will tap the wrist and local animal control will do less than nothing.

No jail time, no restrictions on future ownership of livestock and only $1000 donation to a donkey rescue?  We are saddened and disappointed that a man can neglect an animal over several years, thumb his nose at animal control on more than one occasion, and walk away without a public trial.

It’s a sad day for all animals in Mendocino county.

Signed: Crystal Ward”

The Ukiah Daily Journal wrote the following article, No Prosecution on McFadden burro Case, on 9-8-10: “Potter Valley rancher Guiness McFadden will not be prosecuted on animal abuse charges for putting down his aging wild burro, but will do community service, pay a fine in the form of a $1,000 donation to a donkey rescue organization and write a letter of apology for euthanizing the donkey and taking responsibility for its neglected condition.

The agreement was announced Wednesday afternoon by DA Meredith Lintott and McFadden’s attorney Keith Faulder.

McFadden was reported to authorities when a PG&E worker near his property saw the wild burro – which McFadden had saved through a BLM adoption 35 years ago – with severely overgrown hooves and a tumor. When authorities were called to his ranch and saw the animal, McFaddenwas told by a deputy of the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department to put the animal out of its misery but was later accused of neglect and cruelty after he shot the burro himself.

A press release issued jointly by Lintott and Faulder indicates that they agreed there was no purpose in prosecuting a 73-year-old Navy veteran with a long history of good care for his ranch animals and community service.”

It is truly amazing that an animal can be so abused, and that due to someones financial ability to hire a good lawyer, they can walk away from years of abuse with simply a tax deductible donation and 50 hours of community service.  Shooting the donkey was a huge issue, but putting that aside, the pain and abuse the donkey was forced to endure for years was simply inexcusable.

Just remember, McFadden Farm’s owner abused and cruelly murdered a donkey.  Keep this in mind before picking up a McFadden product off the shelf.  By accepting the plea bargain, he had to plead guilty.  He did it, the courts refused to give him a meaningful consequence, but the public can.

It is so sad that this poor donkey had to live in pain and suffering for so long.  Between his front legs you can see the giant tumor that had gone uncared for.  His front hooves have a full twist, they are so overgrown.  Years and years of criminal neglect.  What else can be said?

Thank you all for your support enabling us to rescue poor animals from people like McFadden.  Many thanks to Marilyn R., Gail G., Danyelle M. for their very generous donations.

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  1. Hopefuly when it comes election time people will remember what the D.A. did. Just goes to show you, Money Talks”.

  2. This is heart breaking. There really is NO justice sometimes. He, his lawyer(s) and all in office involved in letting him off like this should be ashamed of themselves. Is this kind of behavior really okay with you all ?

  3. This just makes me cry. I dont live in CA but EVERYONE needs to boycott his farm and whatever it produces. I emailed his business and said “Guiness McFadden, your name suits you to a T. You should be in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the cruelest man on earth.

  4. The Freeze brand on that horse could be hard to track down. I had my 1/2 Arab and my QH freeze branded. Someone from the Arab Association freeze branded the 1/2 arab, he would have put the brand on whatever side of his neck I wanted it on. Someone from the QH assoc. came out and freeze branded my QH, can’t remember if I had the option of which side of his neck I wanted the brand on though. May not be of any help, but that’s my 2 cents.

  5. Here is what I sent to the contact us link on McFaddens site

    I am so saddened that your owner can be so cruel to animals and neglect the and then shoot them repeatedly(suffering to die). On top of that he had money to buy his way out of trouble with lawyers but not enough to trim some feet and feed the animal. Why didn’t he just sell it or surrender it? What a waste. I will never buy any product with your companies name on it or that is affiliated with you as I know your concern for health and welfare of people animals and our planet are all false.

    I figure someone at the company has to read it which costs him money & embarrasses him further. Also lets his employees know who their boss is.

  6. We had a mare at work that was 1/2 Arab (well, more like 7/8 hehe) that had her brand on that side of the neck too. Never seen a lip tattoo on an Arab though.

  7. Re: McFadden case. This man sells his organic products to someone. If we can find out who, we can call for a boycott of those products and notify the stores that carry those products that there is a boycott of those products. This is a perfectly legal – and reasonable – response to this outrageous situation. Can someone identify his products and store or manufacturers that purchase his products?

  8. Oh my gosh as I read this I can only think about the how unjust this is, and how the media reports this to be “just”, like this person is a good guy! Having lived in that area for some time I can say that the Ag business is not of the legal sort, and that money talks and (you all know what) walks! Sign of the times? Even the County officials of that area are in the pockets, because they know where their bread is buttered. It just makes me cry, and angers me to know that this jerk can get away with this. I know of this man, do not know him personally, but, money is a very strong motivator in his neck of the woods.

  9. Arabs can have the freeze mark on either side of the neck. Arabs who have been on the race track are tattooed just like TBs & QHs. It won’t be hard at all to learn this horse’s identity.

  10. I was pretty excited to find out that there IS something we all can do to prevent Guiness McFadden from adopting any more wild burros. You report it to the BLM. When the death of an Equine from BLM occurs, the adopter is required to report the circumstances, disposal methods, etc, sometimes even an autopsy. If it is found to be from abuse, or if it is deemed it was a wrongful death, or the adopter is at fault for abuse or neglect in the animals care leading up to the death, they may be permanently disqualified from ever adopting again.

    Since the courts already decided it was his fault, he admitted it was his fault…
    Alert the BLM now!!

  11. Hey there
    I do have here in Texas the same problems. People with money can do what they want:neglecting their animals, shoot them, let them suffer.
    As an Animal Control Officer and Cruelty Investigator I try to help where ever I can, but officals are never a help: they stab you right in the back.
    It is so sad that this is going on and everybody closes its eyes.

  12. Impressive article post on the blog, I share the same views. I wonder why this particular country totally does not think like me and additionally the web publication master 🙂

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