We got a call from Walmart that they had some more feed for us.  We are extremely thankful when feed is donated.

It turned out to be mostly chicken feed, and with all the chickens running around at the shelter, it will be quite useful.

The mobile home across the street from the shelter that was on fire is still standing, although it definitely has some serious roof damage.  The firefighters were still out there, making sure nothing burst back into flames.

A few horses were also surrendered today.  This guy has been in some serious accidents and there may be something psychologically wrong going on.  Our vet will be checking him out to see if there is something physically wrong or if it is all mental.

Pastor Larry brought in 2 older horses as well.  He still has invitation to anyone that wants to get married at the shelter.  “As long as you are equally yoked” he says.

The horses started settling in and soon were relaxed in their new surroundings.

The Arab who came in from Peninsula Humane Society got his freeze brand shaved down, and he is definitely an Arab.

His name is Power of Gold, and he was born in 1984.  He was shown as an Arabian Gelding in Hand, and was the champion at first place back in April of 86.  He also raced 14 times, hence the tattoo in his lip.  He has a whopping lifetime winning total of $2,544.  So maybe he wasn’t the fastest guy around, but he sure is a sweetheart.  He is still registered to the owner who owned him and raced him all those years ago.  We will try to track her down to see if she knows where her horse has been.

Jason hooked up the big rig and hit the road.  Where was he going this time?

5 minutes later he was at the hay dealer ready to load up the hay.  It is so great we have good quality hay so close to the shelter.  They are 80 bale blocks, and Jason had to walk around and around the big pile until he found a safe way to scamper up to the top.

Jason called and checked in since he was by himself.  He wanted to make sure that if he fell off and passed out someone would know he needed help.  It’s a long ways down!

Soon the bales were getting neatly stacked in the trailer.

The hay pile got a bit smaller as the trailer got the hay put in.

Today’s eBay Giving Works item is a Dallas Cowboys hat, made by Reebok, brand new with the tags.  It’s $10.95 and 10% of the sale price goes to help the horses!  Click here.

Don’t forget to vote!  We are currently at 37th overall and 3rd in California.  Let’s keep pushing towards the top, click here. Just remember the name is still under NorCal Equine Rescue in Oroville Ca.  The C in NorCal is capitalized, very important.

A huge “Thank you!” goes to Judy H. and Julia T. for their very generous donations.

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  1. Keep up the good work guys! I love you emails. Wish I could do more for you folks. I do forward the emails on to an SPCA unit in Boise, Idaho. They’re busy this time of the year too. Thanks again for what you do.

  2. I notice the name of Patrica Richardson on the registration papers of Power of Gold. She had some very nice Arabians and was a reputable breeder. She lived in the Lodi area in the ’80s. If she can be located she may be interested to know about her former horse. I have a 25 year old Arab who is still energetic and fun to ride. Unless you discover some health/soundness issues with Power of Gold, I suggest he has more useful years ahead of him. Judy Cutler

  3. I have a correction as to the possible former owner of Power of Gold…I believe her name was “Priscilla” Richardson not Patricia…I’m sorry for the confusion…just too many years ago for my memory to be accurate.

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