We are extremely excited to announce that there is an extremely easy way to support the horses now: we officially have our own credit cards!  There are 3 beautiful card designs.  One for long ear fans, one gazing into a horse’s eye, and the other has Dottie and Shadow at the shelter.  All of the pictures were taking by our staff at our shelter.  What truly unique credit cards.

These cards are a great way to support us!  Just by signing up, after your first purchase $50 is donated to our organization.  After that, 2% of your grocery and gas purchases is donated, 1% of all other purchases and up to 10% at select merchants!  Please apply today, even if you just use  it once, we will get $50!  If everyone who reads this got a card and swiped it just once, we would receive over $100,000.  This is an amazing opportunity and we hope that each and every one of you will take advantage of this amazingly easy way to help.

Can you think of an easier way to help the horses while you do your daily shopping?  That $100 grocery bill will donate $2!  If everyone was doing that, it would add up extremely quickly.  To apply for the card, click here.

The fallout from Mexico turning away horses has begun.  It appears that they may have started turning away horses early September, it’s hard to say for sure.  The truck driver in this news story broke down and left 7 horses in a semi trailer, 2 of which died.  The man claimed that he purchased them from a farm in Texas on the Mexico border and was hauling them to Kansas.  What truck driver would drive a semi truck from Kansas all the way to the Mexico border, purchase 7 horses, all the while caring nothing for them and letting them suffer in 130-140 degrees (inside the trailer) while he sat in the air conditioned cab?  No doubt he drove a full trailer of horses to the Mexico border, and these were the ones they rejected.  Of course he didn’t care if the horses died an agonizing death, that’s what killer buyers do for a living.  The good news is, this guy was arrested and hopefully faces felonies.  KENS did a great job covering the rescue of these horses,  to watch the video, click here.

The Arab mare from the slaughter pipeline we rescued this week has been identified thanks to her freeze brand.

Her name is Golden Dreams, a 22 year old mare.  Whoever named this horse Golden Dreams probably didn’t realize all this mares dreams almost came to a tragic end in Mexico.  Now her future is bright and she really can have golden dreams once again.

You can tell that this mare, once filled out, will be a beautiful horse once again.  She has the good looks of her dad.  Who is her dad?

Her sires name is Wizjon, son of the great Bask.  Bask was the only stallion to be a U.S. National Champion Stallion and Park Horse and is the breed’s all time leading sire of champions and National winners, as well as National winner producers.   As you can tell, Wizjon was also a great looking horse.

Golden Dreams was owned by Venture Farms and they are the only recorded owner’s other than her breeder.  What a wonderful thing it would be if they would provide her with a sanctuary and wonderful retirement for the rest of her life.  This all just all goes to show that no matter breeding, bloodlines, or what high society barn you may have come from, every horse is just a step from a slaughter truck.  So sad!

A trailer was on the way to the shelter with some very precious cargo.  There was a livestock auction Saturday night, and one of our undercover agents (H) was attending.   Your support to the Dano fund made this rescue possible, thank you so much!

The door opened and we got our first glimpse of the rescued horses from the auction.  This is a yearling filly, she is a registered Appaloosa.

There are also 2 adorable little mini’s who were in the trailer as well.

Look at this little guy.  He is truly just the cutest little guy around.  He is blind in his left eye, so to compensate, he looks with a quizzical look, with his head cocked to one side.  It is so cute!

These little minis are very lucky mini’s indeed.  There was a semi-load of horses brought out from North Dakota to the auction.  They didn’t sell at a sale back there, so they shipped them to California to try their luck here.  We were told  they decided to put a bunch of minis between the big horses legs.  What a horrible way to travel.  After the sale, Agent H took the horses to a temporary foster home until they could be transported to the shelter.  Here they are enjoying their breakfast at the foster home.

These little horses were more than happy to get out of the trailer and stretch their legs at the shelter.

Mr T had to wake up from his never ending nap / eat / nap cycle to greet the new visitors.  He wanted to make sure they knew he was bigger and stronger.   The Appy filly looked on with wonder: “Is that a mini or something else?  What is it?”

After the auction was over, our agent H purchased this Appy filly in the parking lot.  A man with a double decker semi had purchased her and was going to be loading her up.  Agent H was able to purchase her to save her whatever the road in the double decker would have held for her.

She has got a very cute face, but her blaze makes her face look extra long.

Tawnee hooked up the trailer to take the mini’s to the vet.  One of them needs to be gelded (the other is a gelding) and they both have a cough.

Soon they were both sniffing out the treats in the vet’s stall.  The vet said most likely they have shipping fever.

This little guy will be having his brain surgery as soon as he is given a clean bill of health.

We are so thankful that these little guys are safe and we know that we will be able to find them very loving homes.

We would like to thank the Mercury Register for doing such a great job on the article, it made the front page of the newspaper!  Nobody can miss that one.  We have had a lot of people calling that have read the article, asking what they can do to help.  They have been wanting to adopt one of the horses that was saved from the slaughter pipeline.  Great homes are what they need!  There are quite a number of youngsters in the group, they need experienced folks to step forward and give them a great life.

We would like to thank you all for your votes.  We are still in 3rd place for California, and overall at 39th.  To vote daily, click here.

Don’t forget to scroll back up to the top and signup for the credit card.  It is the easiest, fastest and most convenient way to support Horse Plus Humane Society without costing you a penny.   They make us tell you the following: “Credit approval required. Terms and conditions apply. Offered by Capital One, N.A. © 2010 Capital One.”

Many thanks to all of you who support us both emotionally and financially.  We could do it without you!  Trudi R., Margaret O., Josh W., Pamela N., Gail G., Shari W. all donated today, thank you so much!

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  1. This is another heartwarming story from your organization. I look forward to hearing what is going on there because you are really making a difference in so many lives.
    Bless you for all you do.

    Regarding Horse Slaughter:
    “You must look evil in the eye.
    Do not flinch, do not turn away,
    DO something.”
    Kathryn Baker

  2. I tried to vote but Horse Plus Humane Society wasn’t listed. Advise, please! Thanks. Susan (The Honeymooners)

  3. Just wanted to say I love what y’all do. I clicked on a link on facebook, read Dano’s story, and donated what I could for the Pipeline horses. Every day since then, I’ve been checking back to see the updates on the horses. Those 2 minis are pretty cute little buggers. I was wondering what happened to the horse with the broken leg? Was he one of the 3 that were euthanzied? 6 out of my 8 horses are rescues. Cappy looks just like my Appy gelding Dartanyon. I’m glad he was reunited with his mom, just too bad it had to take 10 years. So from Washington State, thanks for all you do for horses and other furry critters.

  4. what happened to horse with possble psych problems that had been in accidents, I do have 200 acres and a healthy herd I could put him with

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