This morning we found a very tragic sight at the shelter.  It appeared that all of the chickens at the shelter had been killed.  Every one of them.  Our hearts were devastated.  They have been out there for so long, and everything has been fine.  The neighboring ranches have chickens running free day and night.  Sadly, last night something came in and mass murdered them.  After searching diligently for any survivors, April and Larry found Mrs Crow.  We are extremely sad to tell you that Crow was found dead, he will be greatly missed.  We are thankful that Mrs Crow is still OK.

Even Parcy and Mr T seemed sad with the loss of all their little friends.  No more chickens roosting on Parcy’s head or running around between Mr T’s feet.

Today was the day to bring the slaughter pipeline horses to the shelter.  This will be their last trailer ride until they find homes.  It was nice to have them all unloaded safely at the shelter.  As Tawnee said “For once I was too busy to take any more pictures.”

It was nice to see them relax and settling in at the shelter.  Each one is so precious!  We are very excited about the outflowing of support and homes that are offered.  We still have quite a few that need homes, so if you are interested in one, please contact us.

Once all the chores were done, a wonderful surprise happened.  Buffy the rooster was found alive!  You could tell he had been through a bit of a battle, but he was safe.  He must have spent all day in hiding, he was so scared.  He is one lucky little guy!  Preventions were made to keep the two lucky chickens alive and well.

The sunset at the shelter this evening was absolutely spectacular.

Today’s eBay Giving Works item is a Windy Horse Metal Art, 21 inches tall.  It sure is awesome looking !  Click here.

We still need your daily vote on the Animal Rescue Site challenge.  Just remember if you have to search for our name, that it is our previous name, NorCal Equine Rescue with a capital C, based in Oroville Ca.  Hopefully soon their records will update…  Click here.

Many thanks to all of our wonderful donors!  Michelle E., Jo C., Dennis T., Anonymous, Danielle C., Dana G., JoAnna Z., all donated, thank you!

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  1. I am so sorry about the chickens, I too had all my chickens killed by dogs that live next door I was heart broken they where my pets! I had one that made it she hid out until morning and then I found her, I was so happy to see her but I had to take her into my work (shelter) to be adopted out by a co-worker. Looking forward to knowing more about the horses!

  2. Ohhhhhhh nooooooo, I’m so sad to hear about your chickens……it is so heartbreaking…..I’m so sorry. Could it be a coyote…..or raccoons? I know we lost a bunch to raccoons one time…..they are so strong and soooo sneaky!

    I would like to contribute to the hay fund for all the hay you folks had delivered for $6.00 a bale. I can’t find where on the website to contribute directly to that cause…..can you help me please? Also, a phone number where I can talk to someone about donations. …..

    Thanks for doing what you do…..and let me know if you need more bodies for volunteering.

    XOXO’S Jody

  3. I’m so very sorry to hear this…darn it! Dogs and coyotes sure find chickens sporting fun. Sometimes you fence them to contain them…sometimes you fence for prevention…

  4. I too was saddened to hear of the chickens’ senseless deaths. It seemed that they had found a wonderful home there. Chickens and other fowl do need to be protected at night. Many animals will prey on them and some will kill all they can find as obviously happened here. Some addled people think it’s funny to sic their dogs on helpless chickens. I hope Horse Plus gets a safe shelter put together ASAP for the remaining chickens and then maybe you can rescue more as needed.

  5. Good morning Tawnee and crew! wanted to give you an update on Buffy and Mrs. Crow. Mrs Crow was nestled in a nice cozy nest last night with the rest of the gang, while Buffy stayed in the house in a box w/food & water next to the wood stove. His cone is getting redder and he was enjoying a nice big slice of watermelon. Hank settled in nicely with Outlaw a Cisco and was munching away on dinner, while Nicole (now Tila) was rolling around and getter her sea legs back after the long ride home. It was a long day but well worth it!

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