We would like you to meet Addie!  She is a very beautiful girl who’s owner could no longer financially keep her.  She really loved Addie, but just couldn’t make it work in this economy.

Addie is an 8 year old Thoroughbred mare.  She is very sweet and has great ground manners.  She does have some lameness, and recently has not been sound.

Taking one last look around her old home, she loaded right up into the trailer and was ready for her long trip back to the shelter.

Everything has been drying out at the shelter and the sun has been shining brightly.  Last Sunday’s rainstorm was something, even some panels got blown over the wind was so strong.   Parcey and Shadow are becoming good buddies, Parcey think’s it is kind of cute that he is an uncle now.  Some people have asked, and just so you know, Parcey was fixed a long time ago, so no chances of babies in the future.

A lady recognized a horse at the shelter.  She came out to see him and was very emotional about him.  She said he is a horse she had owned for a very long time, and had to get rid of him due to her husbands death several years ago.   She said something drew her to him, and she just knows it is him.  He has the same callick on his forehead.

She brought pictures of when he was 3 or 4 years old.  It is hard to tell from the pictures if it is the same horse, the only person who can positively identify an animal is their owner.  We’re sure many of you have grey horses, and you could recognize them anywhere.  Her adoption application is being processed and soon Lexan should be heading to his new/old home.  The lady’s husband purchased him for her as a wedding present many many years ago.

Blackberry is in adoption pending and should be heading to his new home soon too.  Since the adopter is unable to come down due to work, she sent one of her friends down to meet him.  She should be coming soon to meet him herself.

The weather sure has been up and down.  Supposed to rain, then not supposed to rain.  The skinny horses from slaughter pipeline that will let us handle them have been getting blankets on every night.  It is becoming a routine they are loving.  Some of them have never been trained and are scared of humans, which they have every right to be for what they have been put through.  They watch on with wonder as the blankets are put on and are getting very curious about the whole thing.

At the vet office, the little donkey that came in from the kb last Sunday is getting ready for his brain surgery in a few days.  He sure is the cutest donkey anywhere around.

The two little mini’s are fairing much better.  Their travel fever is going away and one of them is dreading the day he is healthy enough to be gelded.  His gelding buddy says it is no big deal and he should quit stressing about it.  They will remain together so gelding buddy can assure him that he will live after the surgery.  They are oh so cute and will be available after the stallion is gelded.  You just have to love that quizzical little look!

Don’t forget to take the 30 seconds to vote!  We’re still 3rd in Ca and 44th overall, please remember to use our old name, NorCal Equine Rescue with a capital C.  Click here.

This last week was quite busy.  Addie was in Los Angeles and had to be picked up, leaving the volunteers to feed and water at the shelter.  We can’t thank April and Larry enough for keeping the animals fed and happy.

Many thanks to everyone who has donated! Anonymous, Constance W. – Sara H. – Glennis R. – Stephanie H. – Martin O. and  Betsy W.

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  1. I’m trying to find info on a pony you rescued awhile back that was trained for driving. Can you give me specifics? I have a friend who is trailering a horse to your area for training and would like to come by to see this pony.



  2. awwww! 🙂 Addie looks like such a sweetheart! so adorable! Best wishes 2 finding her a wonderful home! 😀 I have 2 say she sooooo pretty!! Her still 2 be found owner will be very lucky!

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