Late on Thursday evening the kb made his final trip with horses from the Mexican border.  He brought 10 horses this load, making a total of 36 horses rescued from the slaughter pipeline with the $10,000 raised thanks to your generosity!  The first load there was 19, then 3 were rescued from a livestock auction, 4 more out of the pipeline and then the final 10 last Thursday.  We can’t thank you all enough for your support in making it possible to rescue these wonderful horses.  We are so glad that these horses will never know the horrors of the slaughter plant.

   Friday morning we were finally able to see them without the use of artificial lights.  They have been through a lot!

  This poor horse had a terrible injury to his back leg.  His mane had been roached awhile ago, probably about the time this injury happened, and then he was thrown away.  Why couldnt his owners be responsible?  Why did he have to make the horrible trip to the Mexican border?

  This poor horse has been extremely damaged.  Every leg shows signs of extreme trauma, making it extremely difficult for walking.  Probably a Mexican tripping horse, thrown away when he could no long run for their pleasure and amusement.

   This horse’s hooves are very overgrown and her front leg had been broken at one time and healed incorrectly.

    This poor old gelding was so emaciated, partially blind and had the most pleading look to him. 

   This mare had been in the bottom of a double decker and had manure raining down on her back the whole trip.

  Believe it or not, there is a beautiful Palomino under all the manure.

All 10 horses were sure enjoying their breakfast!  It was nice to have them safe.

  Sunday morning was a very beautiful morning with bright sunlight warming the shelter.  Shadow loves hanging out by Macho Man and Dottie.

  Goaty was enjoying chasing the Hay Wagon around with its precious load of hay.  He just couldn’t wait for it to stop.

  Any time the Hay Wagon would stop, Goaty would start eating hay like he was starved mostly to death. 


Addie, the horse from Los Angeles, was still having a hard time accepting all the wide open spaces and all the horses.  It’s probably been a long time since she got to run on a 15 acre pasture.

   Towards afternoon it warmed up enough to give some baths.  The Palomino was first in line to get the poop off of her back.

  Jason scrubbed and scrubbed and finally her beautiful coat was all shiny and clean.

  Colby worked on getting her mane and tail detangled and pretty once again.

  Finally her makeover was done.  It was easy to tell she really enjoyed the whole thing.  She needs some groceries and has some leg issues which we are hoping can be resolved, but she is so sweet and about 15 years old.

   Then it was Hope’s turn to get her makeover.  She is such a sweet horse, when she was first rescued she would go from person to person telling each one “Thank you!” in her own special way.  It’s really hard to explain, but it is the best feeling in the world when a horse tells you “Thank you for saving me.”

  She really enjoyed the attention and was such a good girl and stood so still for her bath.

  Then it was her turn to get her mane detangled.  In the end she came out looking so beautiful too.

  Blackberry’s adopter came out to adopt him and take him home.  She has really fallen in love with the cute little guy.

  The microchips are in so Blackberry was the first horse at the new shelter to be microchipped.

  Soon he was all ready to get into the trailer and head off to his new home.

   Towards the end of the day another potential adopter came out to visit the horses and seemed to match up with Captain perfectly. 

  She really fell in love with Captain and hopes to be adding him to her family soon.  He is such a big beautiful boy.

   Many thanks to Gail G. and Cindy M. for their very generous donations.  You can see your name here tomorrow, click here.

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