Last months euthanasia clinic went well.  Due to the rain the day of the dropoff, the horses were re-routed to the vet.  We have heard the question asked so many times: “When is your next euthanasia clinic?”  To cut down on confusion, the clinics are the 3rd Sunday of every month now.  Horses coming into the clinic will be evaluated by our vet and staff for adoptability and quality of life.  This only happens because of you!  We need your support, please donate today –  Click here.

This morning a photo-journalist student was at the shelter taking pictures while the morning chores were being done.  She is going to be pretty much doing what we do every day for the blog, but over the course of a week off and on, while writing up a story.  Hopefully we will be able to share what she writes up for you all.

She really enjoyed spending time with the horses, and Larry was such a gracious host.

It is so nice to see the dry grass turning green.  Every day it is a bit taller and a bit greener.  Ever since that last rain storm, and now with the sunny warm weather, it has felt like spring.  The horses have really been enjoying it too.

The goats at the rescue are wondering if anyone is ever going to adopt them.  They want a home!  Betsy is all healed up and is just waiting for that perfect home.  All the goats we have at the shelter for adoption are sweet little characters that are wanting homes really bad.  Their adoption fees are $50.

Recently Tawnee was on her way back from work when the cutest little dog was on the side of the road looking bewildered as the traffic whizzed by.  Of course she stopped, just like for the little pigeon Skids, ran over and scooped the little dog up into her arms, fearing he would be squished by an on-coming car.  Today was an exciting day as the owner was tracked down and he was so excited to get his little buddy back.  He said he really missed him!

An interesting phenomenon has happened on our blog.  Typically those that like to read about horses are women, but it seems that the 18-24 year old male is somehow attracted to our Facebook page in huge numbers.  Good for them!

We would like to thank you all for your votes.  If you are having trouble voting below is detailed information to help you.

1: Visit  http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com/clickToGive/home.faces?siteId=3
2:  Click on the button that says “Click here to give – It’s Free!”
3:   In the top right corner of the center section of the page is a button that says “Vote Now!”
4: Enter our shelter name “NorCal Equine Rescue” exactly as shown (without the quotation marks,) the NorCal must be one word, C must be capitalized.  I’m not sure why they are so picky, but they are.
5: Select CA as the state.
6: Search
7:Select NorCal Equine Rescue and vote

Every vote counts, to vote today, Click here.

We discovered that an email account under our old system was not forwarding them on to our new email address.  We  will be replying to people from the last two weeks, if you wrote earlier than that, please write us again at info@horsehumane.org

Many thanks to Pam N.  for her donation with a note that said: “This is to celebrate the great big DONATE NOW in your emails!! Just had to try it out. HUGS, Pam”

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  1. Photojournalist also has an eBay item that donates 25% of each sale to the HPHS 🙂 See her “London Fog Oversized Umbrella” under her id: beehalo

  2. Can you post the Capital One card signup. I have hunted through the site and am unable to clearly find it.

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