11-8-10 Monday

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The next Euthanasia Clinic is in 12 days and we desperately need your support in making this clinic possible.  We still need to raise $2,485, but together we can make it happen!  Now more than ever these clinics are needed with people hurting from the economy and with winter approaching.  It is very important that we are able to keep these clinics free to keep horses out of the slaughter pipeline or worse…  To donate today, click here.

Jason has been hard at work continually making the website look a little better, a little easier to navigate and little more fun.  There is now something special hiding in the top right corner.  You have got to check it out!  Visit our homepage, http://horsehumane.org, and move your mouse over the page curl.

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Jason and Colby worked all day at the shelter.  One of the projects that had to be done was the little office door was out of whack where it didn’t like to close.  After some jacking, pounding, and re-adjusting it now opens and closes freely.

AT&T sent out their technician to run the phone line today as well.  It will be really nice to have phone service at the shelter.  One person asked on Facebook if this means we may have a part time person answering the phone.  Yes, there are actually 2 part time volunteers who will be doing this.

We had some visitors come out and visit the horses.  They loved hugging on Jake and Hope.

Jake really loved them too!
In no time at all it was getting dark, thanks to Daylight Savings Time going away.  The beautiful sunset sure made up for it though.
Recently we had one of our readers ask where she could sign up for the great credit card where we get $50 after the first purchase, and a good percentage of the purchases after that.  You can learn all about it and sign up by clicking here. You can also find a link to signup on our homepage and on our Donate page.
A huge “Thank you!” goes to Teresa L, Joni M., Patricia F., Marilyn R., Sea Horse Training, Katie G., Josh W., Select Enterprises, Lance A., Rhonda L., Yvonne W., Show Dressed Up, Cindy M., Carla G., Nancy B., Sara H., Gail G. for their generous donations!  We couldn’t do it without your help.  See your name here tomorrow, click here.

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  1. I just got my credit card yesterday and im very excited about it!! I already have a Capital One card that I don’t use very often but I do plan on using this one just to help you guys out :o) Even if you don’t use credit cards, apply for this one, pay for a tank of gas on it and then pay it off!!! It is such a great idea!!!

  2. I have the horse headshot Capital One card and just used it last week. I am excited to see how much this brings into the rescue. I am going to charge my gas instead of using debit then quickly pay the card. Sorry I will not be doing that often with groceries because the store I shop at does not take credit cards.
    Hopefully this way the rescue gets a larger donation!

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