Many thanks to each and everyone’s donations to the Euthanasia Clinic fund, it is currently at $785.  There is only $1715 left to go, if everyone who read this blog donated just $1 it would be finished by the next blog!  To donate for this fund, click here.

You may have noticed ads on our website now and thought “Uggh, not ads, how could they lower themselves?”  The fact is, we get paid for every ad that is shown, and paid even more for every ad that is clicked on.  We have earned over $10 since putting the ads up a few days ago!  Not a huge amount of money, but every dollar helps!  That’s almost 2 bales of hay.

Wednesday morning was quite a beautiful day, the clouds hung low but the sun was peeking through.  All of the horses at the shelter were happy and doing well.

It was a very exciting day as the first horse from the recent slaughter pipeline group was going home.  This lady was so excited to have her sweet boy home!  We absolutely love it when senior horses are adopted into a forever home where they know only love, treats and lots of good food instead of the horrors of the slaughter house or the agony of starvation and neglect.  Lexus’ mom is so excited watching him gain weight, one of her first comments when he got out of the trailer was “Wow, he’s started putting on weight at the shelter!”

Lexus headed out into his pen and was soon grazing peacefully.  What a great adoption!

We got a lovely package in the mail.  Tawnee just had to smile when she saw the careful decorations that where so loving put on the package.  How cute!  Thank you so much Eileen!  We know many of you are wondering if you can send your letters and check donations addressed to Horse Plus Humane Society or if you still need to use our old name.  Both names will work just fine for the time being.

Back to the package it was packed with all kinds of goodies.  There was yards of horsey material, a sheet of Animal Rescue postage stamps (just in time, August, September and October receipts and thank-you’s are going out soon) several collector knives with horses on them, and a sweet little note that said “Maybe you can use these items to help raise $ for Nocal.   I admire your efforts in your rescue endeavors and all your dedicated volunteers.  NorCal ROCKS!”

Today’s eBay Giving Works item is a cute pink ceramic horse piggy bank.  It is starting at $9.50 and 10% of the sale price goes to help the horses!  To buy this adorable little Christmas gift, click here.

The shelter challenge is still going on!  We are still in 3rd place for California.  To vote, click here.

Many thanks to anonymous, Denise S., Donna A., Margaret B., Claudia S., Judith H., Sara H., Danielle C., Jo V., and Karen H. for their generous donations!  We sure couldn’t do it without your support!

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