Thanks to your generosity, the euthanasia clinic fund is now at $970, with only $1530 left to go.  This clinic is desperately needed this month and we have a lot of horse owners calling with their senior horses who have no funds to give them the last gift of love.  Their health is failing, they have cancer and so on.  Our phones are ringing, but we must have the funds to make it possible for those horses!   To donate, click here.

Once again the trailer was being hooked up. Jason and volunteer Theron were heading out to pick up a special horse who’s owner could no longer keep her.

It was a beautiful drive.  In the distance mount Shasta loomed high into the sky with its snow capped peak.

And then, the road turned and mount Lassen showed its beautiful white peak in the glistening sun.  What a gorgeous drive, seeing two majestic snow covered mountains.

They arrived to meet Hannah, a 13 year old Percheron mare who has been ridden a few times and taken on trail rides.  She isn’t super broke to ride and would benefit greatly from a good refresher course.  The lady had originally rescued her from a PMU farm, and she was able to track her history back and get her original story.  She was originally bred in Minnesota at a family farm where they kept their horses and farmed with them.  They planned on keeping Hannah forever, but some neighbors fell in love with her and begged and begged for her, so the family reluctantly agreed to sell her to them with the understanding she would come back if they couldn’t keep her.  They were absolutely horrified to find out that she ended up at a PMU farm.  Hannah is a lucky girl to have been rescued by this lady.  Sadly due to the economy, so many people are giving up their beloved pets.

Remember Hannah’s Otto, the giant Percheron draft we had awhile ago?  Hannah, above, the Hannah in Hannah’s Otto.

Otto was her great big boy!  Many of you may have remembered the picture in the blog when Otto met Dottie. It was definitely an unforgettable moment.

Back to Hannah, she loaded into the trailer like a dream.  She just walked up, put one giant foot in, then another, then hopped her back legs right in.  What a good girl!  It’s horses like this that make us glad we got the extra tall trailer.

Soon the paperwork was done and they were ready to hit the road.

After dark they made it back.  It was a lot of driving!

Hannah was more than happy to look around while standing in the trailer.  What was this place?  Why were there so many horses talking to her?  After a minute to take in her surroundings, Hannah hopped out and into a waiting pen.

The trailer was finally parked and another long day came to an end.

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Here’s the link to the voting for today!   Click here.

Many thanks to Roberta A., Ruthann C., Catherine K., Jody W., Angela T., Ane R., Marilyn R., and Pamela N. for their generous donations!  We really appreciate it, you truly are horses heroes.

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  1. hey! wow! hannah is like my dream horse! a grey! and big draft! luv! although i can’t own a horse. goodluck finding ur home hannah! luv ya 🙂

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