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Generally Friday is a day off for most of the staff, but last Friday was quite the exception.  We got a call from a desperate horse owner who’s horse was in really bad condition and desperately needed help.  As soon as possible, Tawnee headed out to assist with this horse.  All she knew was that the horse had cancer and had been bleeding for awhile.

It was truly a sad case.  This horse was greatly loved by his owner, he had owned him since he was 3 months old.  He was now 20 years old and cancer had spread throughout his body.  It was plain to see it was time to say a final “Goodbye.”

The cancer had seriously began to spread in the last 4 months and now this beautiful boy’s quality of life was gone.

Blood continuously dripped down his hind legs and cancerous lumps could be seen in different parts of his body.  The owner relied on your generosity, as due to tragic circumstances, he could not afford to give the last gift of love to his precious friend.  This is a very sad case, but we are so thankful for your support of the euthanasia clinic that provides the last act of kindness for horses just like Coco.  Coco, you were a beautiful kind hearted boy and it was such a privilege to meet you.  May you rest in peace.

Later Friday morning we had a whole group of 4H girls ready to pitch in and help.  One of the girls just had to give Hannah a great big hug.

One of the jobs that was lined up for the girls to help with was spreading the sand in the round pen.  What grand fun they had!  A thick pad was put on the top of the harrow and they road around like it was a snow sled, providing weight so  it would spread the sand better.  It was the best amusement ride ever.

All the girls had multiple turns before it was done.    Finally the sand was spread and it was time to do other things.

Buckeye sure loved being groomed and had a blast as the girls brushed his mane, tail and everywhere they could.  He was such a good boy and you could tell he was soaking up all of the attention.  He really loves kids and is still looking for his forever home.

After his grooming job was done he just had to frolic around in all that freshly graded sand.  We would like to thank each and every one of you that made his surgery possible.  This picture of him feeling so graceful and free would have never been possible without his contracted tendon surgery.

After his prance around he decided it was time to make his ‘snow angel’ in the sand and roll around.  What fun he had!

At the end of the day, one of the girls had fallen in love with Betsy.  As her family was already approved to adopt, Betsy was going home!  It’s amazing the transformation that Betsy has made since her first day with us.  She could barely stand and had that gaping wound in her back leg.  She sure is a happy little goat now.

The girls stood for a quick pose before heading off to their homes.  Thank you girls, you were a great help!  You are always welcome to come back and help out again.

Sunday morning the photo journalist student was at the shelter taking pictures.  This is one of the hundreds that she took.  One thing for sure, Mulan is not paying any attention to Tawnee.  She sure enjoys putting on a dramatic flair when it comes to posing for photos.

Mulan had a potential adopter looking at her.  The lady really liked her, but is leaning more towards adopting one of the scrawny yearling’s from the slaughter pipeline.  We are always overjoyed when someone is willing to give a poor baby a home, save their life and give them the time and energy they need.

Volunteer Theron was still out and helping.  This time a trench needed to be dug for the phone line.  He did a great job along with cleaning stalls and just generally helping out all day.  At the end of the day he said it was so rewarding helping homeless horses.  What a great way to think about it!

It was Captain’s lucky day.  His adopters application had come through with flying colors and he was ready to go home.  The couple was so excited to be adopting him, they said their daughter just couldn’t wait to meet him.  He will definitely enjoy being a family horse and giving lots of rides to very special people.  What a great home for Captain, going from a dude string where he had to work every day to a loving family where he can kick back and take it easy.

Captain loaded up like a dream after he checked out the trailer.

Soon he was all loaded up and ready to start his new adventure in life.  Best wishes to you Captain, you were a pleasure to have and we know you will be such a good boy for your new family.

As Captain was pulling away another trailer was pulling into the shelter.  Soon a big bay horse was being unloaded.

Meet Zulu!  The person that surrendered him wrote: “Zulu is approximately a 10 year old gelding. Around 16 hands. Energetic smart, leads well. Stands well for a farrier he likes. Trailers well, quick eager learner. Saddles, bridles and is ridable but needs a definite tune up.”

He was too much horse for them and they didn’t know a whole lot about horses.  They had got him from someone else who didn’t know very much about him either, so we have very little information about this guy, but a little information sure is a lot nicer than no information at all!  He was put in the round pen where he began sniffing around in the nice sand, just looking for that perfect spot.

Soon he found it.  Down he went and rolled around back and forth.  It’s so nice having sand in the round pen where the new horses can get themselves relaxed and comfortable right away.

Soon he was done and up he went.

Chief had a potential adopter looking at him as well.  He is a gorgeous boy, but needs a lot of training.

It’s always a big decision when looking at a horse that needs so much training and time put into him, so they went home to think about it.  Hopefully soon Chief will find that perfect home.

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