HTML clipboard   The euthanasia clinic is coming right up next Sunday!  So far we have raised $1,245 out of the needed $2,500 for the clinic.   If everyone who read this donated just $1, it would be finished overnight! Please click here!

Something strange has broken the gentle tranquility of the shelter: the phone started ringing.  Tawnee was replying to phone messages and answering the phone at the shelter yesterday.  She was talking to April when the phone rang. She said “Now the phone gets me everywhere!”  One of the phone calls Tawnee got was kind of funny.  It went like this:

“Thank you for calling Horse Plus Humane Society, this is Tawnee, how may I help you?”

“Yes, do you have any good horses?”

Tawnee: “Why yes, we have lots of good horses, but good at what?  All of our horses are really good at eating.”

That sent the caller into hysterical laughter.  Then she clarified that she was interested in a good riding horse.

Today was a special day.  It is what we believe to be Parcy’s 1st birthday.   He seemed to know it was his special day.

We rescued him 11-16-2009 as a day old veal calf from a livestock auction.  He was so tiny and frail.  To read his rescue story, click here.

When he went through the ring he was only $5 and Tawnee couldn’t keep her hand down.  After he went through the ring she wondered “Now what are we going to do with him?”

Parcy managed to survive.  It’s very hard to keep day old Jersey’s going, but Parcy had a big heart and lots of will.  We wondered where he would fit in at the shelter.  We didn’t want him to ever be munched as lunch, so it was decided that Parcy would be a permanent resident.

So, a year later, Tawnee was at his level trying to get the perfect birthday picture.  As the journalist student can testify, Parcy is hard to get pictures of as he likes sniffing the camera while you are trying to get the perfect picture.

So here it is, Parcy’s ‘official’ birthday photo.  Happy birthday little guy!  We couldn’t imagine life without you.

Buckeye has a new buddy.  Benkey the donkey and Buckeye became best buddies yesterday.  They have become best friends over the fence and are now roommates.  They both want a home!  They have a bet going on who will get adopted first, but the best surprise would be to be adopted together.

Parcy came down to the office and looked inside as if to say “Ok folks, where is my carrot cake and party?”  Sorry Parcy, somehow your cake didn’t arrive today.

Two horses where brought into the shelter today.  They had been abandoned and one of our supporters brought them to us.

We don’t know very much about them but this poor old girl is in really bad shape.  She has severe arthritis.

They both looked around with wonder.  There are a lot of new friends to be made!

Silver wanted to roll in the nice sand after the trip.  She has some messed up hooves and appears to have foundered severely in the past.  She was able to get down and enjoy a nice roll.

You could tell that Red wanted to lay down and roll too, she kept smelling the ground and you could see it in her eyes.  Sadly, she knew that if she went down, with her poor arthritic legs she may never make it back up again, and the pain of trying to get up just wouldn’t be worth it.

Our vet will be evaluating both of them, they are extremely attached to each other and we know that with Red’s severe arthritis it’s time to say “Goodbye.”  Our staff and vet will evaluate Silver to see what her quality of life is with her founder.

The shelter challenge is still going on!  We are still in 3rd place for California.  To vote, click here.

Many thanks to Sarah H. for her part in helping with the euthanasia clinic.  We really appreciate it!

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