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Parcy’s birthday cake finally arrived.  It wasn’t a normal birthday cake, but it sure was good looking.  It had an grain / corn frosting with decorative carrots and a celery stick candle, symbolizing 1 year old.  It even had a grass pellet base.  You may not think that sounds very good, but…

…Parcy was more than delighted with the surprise.  He couldn’t believe his luck.  Get used to it boy, this is what often happens on birthdays.  The 16th could have been Parcy’s real birthday, but from here on out we are going to stick with the 15th.

Munch munch munch.  Parcy couldn’t believe it was all his.

Parcy wants to thank all the Facebook fans who sent him a happy birthday wish.  One of these days we are going to teach him not to talk with food in his mouth, but what can you expect from a 1 year old?

Parcy made a new friend today as well.  The husband of a visitor wasn’t too keen about the horses, but became good friends with Parcy.

Meanwhile the other half was in the round pen enjoying the company of Annabelle.  She had called up wanting to adopt a horse, and after talking with her, she was asked if she would be open to adopting a special needs, hard to adopt horse.  She said she was.

Annabelle and her truly fell in love with each other.  Annabelle snuggled up to her and you could tell that she knew she had found her new mom.

Annabelle is the pony from the slaughter pipeline that had a hole in her throat between her airpipe and her throat.  Whenever she eats or drinks, goo comes out of her nose.  Two vets looks at her and both agreed that it did not cause her any trouble, it was just cosmetically unappealing and slimy at times.  She probably got it from choking really bad at some point in time.  No doubt this was why she was in the slaughter pipeline.

Annabelle is a very lucky little girl.  Her new mom is approved to adopt through us, and Annabelle should be going home in a week.  Her new mommy wants to make sure her pen is perfect for her.

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