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Decisions for surrendering horses can be extremely hard.  So many times people know they should make the choice, but when it comes down to it, it is too hard to do.  We got a phone call yesterday “This is the hardest thing I have to do, but I really should.”  When she arrived, she just couldn’t say “Goodbye” to her precious friend and decided to take her back home, not knowing what her husband would say.

We came in contact with a local artist who wants to help out and do what he can to help the horses.  He makes beautiful metal carvings and frames them with gorgeous wood.

He brought out a horse one that is not finished yet to see what we thought.  That is made out of metal!  It is absolutely stunning.  He is hoping that he can sell this when it is finished and give a portion to the shelter.

Shanti had a potential adopter visit her and the potential adopter really liked her.  Shanti was placed into adoption pending.  Hopefully her application will be approved soon and Shanti will be heading home.

The economy is hitting so many people, and it is extra sad when it hits our previous adopters and they can no longer keep their adopted friends.  Two of our previously adopted horses came back to the shelter today with tears being shed by their adopter.

Can any of you guys guess who these two are?

Let’s see.  This is a Buckskin mare who’s ten years old, rescued from an auction, who is named Sierra.  Ring any bells???

Here she is when she was rescued from the Roseville Livestock Auction back in 2008.  She was emaciated and her udder was filled with milk.  Was she pregnant or had someone yanked her baby away and got rid of her at the auction?

She was so skinny!  It was soon figured out that she was not pregnant, but had a baby at her side recently.  Her owner had taken her to the auction and kept her baby.  They didn’t want to deal with Animal Control seeing her in this condition.  Livestock auctions are the place where neglectful and unfit owners walk away from their problems: legally.

Miraculously, we were able to find her baby!  The man who had owned both of them had pulled the baby off at 3 months old and dumped the mom at the auction.  To read the story, click here. A portion in this story says it made Tawnee’s blood boil.  Read it and find out why!

We were able to reunite mother and son back together.  It made Sierra so happy when she got to see her precious baby once again.  She no doubt thought she would never see him again, but the way things worked out, she had him (now weaned) at her side once again.

She wasn’t doing as well as we wanted her to before we were able to reunite her with her baby.  Once we reunited her with her baby, her weight gain started picking up and her whole attitude changed.  How people can say they are just animals and have no emotional feelings is beyond us.

Now 2 years later Christopher is quite a big beautiful boy.  Their family loved them so much, it was really sad to see them part.

Now they are waiting for a home at the shelter once again.  Can it be yours?  Sierra is  a 10 years old Mustang mare who has always been shy of people, and Christopher is a 2 year old Mustang / QH who is very curious of people and likes to eat out of your hands.  It would be so wonderful if these two could stay together in a great home.

Today’s eBay Giving Works item is a stuffed Santa horse.  It would make such an adorable stocking stuffer.  This little guy would also look great in your Christmas decorations.  He’s only starting at $9.50 and 10% of the sale price goes to help the real horses.  To view this item, click here.

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  1. Tawnee, Jason and co, thank you thank you so much for everything you do.

    Your posts fuel my motivation for my goals, touch my heart, make me tear up(like the picture of Annabelle loving her new mommy!)

    I’ve GOT to make it out there to help sometime.

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