Happy Thanksgiving 2010

   We all wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving!  We have taken pictures from this years blog as a Thanksgiving tribute to all the blessings that have come our way this year.  

      First of all, we are so thankful for each and every one of you our supporters, who make our rescue efforts possible.  Please enjoy these rememberences.

      We are thankful for your support so every horse has nice yummy food.  We are thankful that we no longer have to push the hay to the horses in a wheelbarrow!

  We are thankful that the hay wagon was able to be purchased thanks to your support.  It sure makes all the chores so much faster and easier!

  We are thankful that All Roads Communications for their support throughout the year, and for allowing us to get a lot more panels this year.

  We are  thankful that through your support we were able to provide so much medical care for so many animals in need.

  We are thankful that Brianna was here to assist with the baby goat rescue where we rescued 50 baby goats at one time!  It would have been a lot harder without all the volunteers that stepped forward to help with those little guys.

  We are thankful that through your support we were able to provide low cost gelding certificates to the public.  Unwanted horses were never born thanks to you!

  We are thankful that through your support we were able to purchase 20 acres of land for the new facility.  The mortgage is slowly being paid down every month!

    We are thankful that the well puts out over 60 gallons a minute.  The horses will never have to wonder if water will come out of the faucet or not.

  We are thankful that the horses are able to run with joy in the 15 acre pasture.

  We are thankful for our good friends at Home at Last for all their emotional support, and for giving such a great retirement to so many lucky equines.

  We are thankful for the Blue Apple Ranch taking the remaining Clint Ritchie horses who were unable to find adoptive homes in northern Ca.

    We are thankful that through Mr T’s donation of life giving blood that this little goat (and several others like him) was saved.

  We are thankful for the girl scouts putting up the white vinyl fencing so beautifully.  We are thankful that vinylfencingdirect.com donated the lovely fencing.

  Jason is thankful that pepper spray doesn’t last forever.  

 Tawnee is thankful it wasn’t worse than childbirth.    We are thankful that Jason and Tawnee got a lot of training this year to better serve horses and animals in their humane officer training.

  We are thankful that officer Kramer became officer this year.  He is such a lucky boy, an ambassador for all rescued horses.  To think that his owners were so desperate that his only options were auction or euthanasia before coming to us.  He had that chance to find a perfect home with us and he did.

    We are thankful for volunteers like Amee that are willing to be bucked off if needed while evaluating horses.

  We are thankful that this year we were able to buy horses from a kb straight from the slaughter pipeline.

  We are thankful that Red Lion Inn donated rooms for volunteers during the horse expo.

    We are thankful for the great group of volunteers at the Horse Expo who made our efforts a success.

  We are thankful for Macho Man who brings such huge smiles to everyone who meets him.

  We are thankful to have been able to touch the lives of horses that had been in the slaughter pipeline, but were able to find love at the shelter once again.

  We are thankful that we were able to know Dano, the saddest case of suffering we have ever seen.    We are thankful that we were able to give him love in the end.

  We are thankful that the fire that came dreadfully close to the shelter was put out before causing any damage at the shelter.

    We are thankful for the 2 horse trailer that was donated.

    We are thankful for all those this year that stepped forward by donating hay.

  We are thankful that the little toad who was at the bottom of the post hole was found before he was squashed.

    We are thankful that this year not only Jason and Tawnee had further education, but a lot of our staff and volunteers were able to attend a workshop as well.

    We are thankful for contractor Mark who donated his time to get the office looking really sharp.

    We are thankful for Larry managing the shelter so well.  He puts hours and hours of love into the shelter.

        We are thankful for April who gives her love to all the animals at the shelter and is willing to step forward wherever she can to make a positive difference in the lives of the animals.    We are thankful  that Betty, the little goat, now has a loving home.

  We are thankful that the name change is going so smoothly.  Make sure you name your organization the right name the first time, you never know how your organization will grow, you don’t want to outgrow your name.

    We are thankful that Tawnee didn’t hit Skids and he now has a great home at a pigeon sanctuary.

  We are thankful that Jason and Tawnee’s officer training is complete, including handcuffing and arrest.

     We are thankful that we were able to reunite Cappie with his mom after 10 years of separation.

    We are thankful that we were able to rescue horses that were rejected from the slaughter pipeline at the Mexican border.

    We are thankful that we now have credit cards that support the shelter.

  We are thankful for Parcy and Shadow who always light up visitors eyes at the shelter.

  We are thankful to the numerous adopters who have stepped forward to save horses lives and give them a loving forever home.  It is always a great day when a horse finds it new home.  Save a life, adopt an animal!

  We are thankful for each and every one of you for your support Horse Plus Humane Society both emotionally and financially.  We really appreciate all of your handwritten notes and cards of encouragement.  We are so thankful for each and every one of you and hope that you have the happiest Thanksgiving ever!  

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  1. This is beautiful, happy and sad, beautiful beacause of all the lovely animals, happy because all of the precious lives that have been saved and sad because it shows there are innocent animals out there suffering due to the cruel actions of man, I wish every animal could have a happy ending like the ones on here xxx

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