Monday was a very beautiful day with wispy clouds floating high above the green plains.  It has been so nice having the horses at the new facility.
It is our first winter at the new facility, and while there has been some trials with the wind, there is almost no mud and as you can see the grass has already begun to grow.  Jake, to the left, didn’t know that he was spending his last few moments in the big pasture.

It was his lucky day to head home to his new family!  He hopped right into the trailer like a good boy and Jason and Jake headed off down the road.

Tawnee needed to do some evaluations.  Zulu stood calmly while she saddled him up.  He knew what was happening and stood there like an old pro.

He is a big horse and Tawnee thought maybe she should get the mounting block.  She vetoed that idea and went for the aerobic stretching instead.

Soon she was on his back.  He is in adoption pending and Tawnee says his new family will have an awesome horse.  He is gorgeous and a blast to ride.

Mulen’s family came to take her home today too!  She was adopted Sunday, along with Buddy.  Buddy is still going to be going to the vet for his pre-adoption exam, but Mulen was ready to head out and start her new life with her brand new family.

Mulen was such a good girl and loaded right up into the trailer.  When Mulen came to us, we were told she was high-strung (which she is) and so we included that in her description.  Someone posted on an internet forum that Mulen was at the shelter and that high strung just meant that she was going to be euthanised.   It saddened our staff to see that someone could be so critical of the hard work we do day in and day out trying our best to find homes for each and every horse that does not have medical conditions or dangerous behaviors that would prevent them from being adopted.  Mulen is living proof the critics are wrong: even high strung horses can find their perfect home!  Way to go Mulen!

Jason and Jake arrived at Jake’s new home to find some very excited teenagers waiting for him.  A little side-note, do you recognize the little goat down at the lower left in the picture?

Jake was happy to get out of the trailer and into his waiting pen.   We couldn’t be happier for Jake!

At the shelter the sun was slipping behind the horizon.  As always, Tawnee was after that perfect sunset photo.

Buddy lifted up his head then Tawnee got that almost perfect shot.  When it was posted on Facebook, one of our fans said that the sun kind of looks like a heart.

About this time April and Larry’s little son was taken to the emergency room with a severe flu infection and will be in the hospital for awhile.  Poor little guy!  Please keep Cody in your thoughts and prayers.

Many thanks to Sophia T. for donating to help horses as a Christmas present for her niece Sasha C.  and to Anonymous and Michelle J. for her generous donation.

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  1. Prayers for Cody! I hope he feels better very soon!
    Great work w/ the horses! Keep it up!:0)
    Thank you for all you do!!!!!

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