Today found Jason on top of the tack room / mobile office fixing the roof.  It is an older roof that really just needs to be replaced, but we will see how the Henry’s black goo works next time it rains.

Zulu’s adopter came out to meet him.  She really liked this big guy and was excited to see how he would ride.

Before long she was on his back and was just as quickly falling head over heals in love with him.  He is such a good boy!

The adoption papers were eagerly signed and their adoption photo taken.  Zulu will soon be joining Cheyenne and Dakota, the two flashy appy’s who were adopted together, at an absolutely great home.

Christopher and Buddy needed to head to the vet.  They were in the round pen and all ready to go.  Soon they were loaded up in the trailer and…

…off down the road they headed.

Finally they arrived at the vet office.  Christopher needs to be gelded and Buddy needed to be checked out.

Soon Christopher was in a nice clean stall eating nice yummy food.

Meanwhile Buddy was being checked out, he needed to be checked out to see if he had been gelded or not.  As you can tell from his face he wasn’t too keen on this whole idea.  It was discovered that he needs to be gelded.

The checking out came to an end and he too was enjoying yummy food.

Then Tawnee started heading back to the shelter.

She stopped at the bank to deposit some checks.  We would like to thank all of you that use Goodsearch, it actually does add up!  If you don’t know about it, it is a search engine similar to Google, where each search and each purchase through their website earns money for the horses!  Enter our old name, NorCal Equine Rescue, to raise money for us.  To use Goodsearch,click here.

Tawnee got a call that there was a loose horse on the road a few miles from the shelter.  A couple volunteers were there and requested her help.  It was quite convenient that the trailer was already on the back of the truck.

Tawnee turned course to go help with the loose horse, but there were traffic delays.  To top it off, she got a phone call that there was someone waiting at the shelter to surrender a horse.

Tawnee, determining the  volunteers could handle the loose horse for a few more minutes, passed up the road where the horse was and headed to the shelter where the trailer was waiting outside the gate.

Dude was a good boy and stepped right out of the trailer.

Dude’s owner wrote: “He is 16 to 17 yr, he is broke broke.  Nice guy a buckskin.  He has a lot of pep and is gaited and smooth to boot.  He really wants to be back in a string loves to have a buddy, kinda pushy on the ground.. but very gentle. He is 14.1 hds.  He has been packed in the mountains, he will go thru anything.  NOTHING bothers him, but he does like to go.  He is very perky.”  He is believed to be a Kentucky Mountain Horse.

Dude walked around looking for that perfect place to take a roll in the round pen.

Soon he found that perfect place and down he went.  About this time Tawnee got a call from the volunteers pleading for some assistance.  They were afraid they would not be able to keep the loose horse off the road much longer.

Tawnee headed off as the person who surrendered the horse went one way, Tawnee went the other way.

Finally Tawnee arrived where the loose horse was.  The horse must remain anonymous at this time.  (S)he wasn’t too keen on being caught and looked at Tawnee as if saying “Ya right you’re going to catch me!”

Before too long Tawnee caught her/him and was ready to load’em up.  (S)he got in  the trailer and was ready to go.

We are so thankful that we have such a great group of volunteers who are willing to drop everything and head out when a horse or other animal is in need.  If they hadn’t got there and kept the horse off the road, who knows what could have happened.  We would also like to thank the person who first saw the horse along the road for doing what she could to keep the horse safe.

Tawnee and the horse headed back to the shelter.  The sunlight was disappearing fast.

Tawnee got the new horse settled in.

Meanwhile poor Dude was still in the round pen waiting to be settled in for the night.  Tawnee got him out of the round pen and into his waiting pen.

Finally the long busy day was over and the trailer was finally able to be unhooked.  What a long busy and hectic day!

Thanks to the Gail G, United Way – Joyce D. and IBM for their support!   We couldn’t do it without your continued support.

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