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Friday and Saturday evening found Parcy and Macho Man getting hauled out of bed, loaded into a trailer and then unloaded.  Parcy was quite confused, it was the first time he has ever been taken places so late at night that he could remember.

He was with his little buddy Macho Man, so he wasn’t too worried.

Soon he was settled into his special place with lots of yummy food.  Parcy was one of the star attractions at a live nativity.

Macho Man definitely enjoyed getting out too.  It’s been awhile since he has been seen in public, he sure loves the admiring public and all the kids that love to say “Hi” to him.

Parcy was a very good boy and munched his hay while Mary and Joseph looked on.

So many people commented on how soft and fuzzy Parcy is.  He absolutely loved all the attention and can’t wait for next year.  Tawnee was surprised how well he did with the crowds of people, and how he would reach out his face to anyone that acted like they may want to pet him.  Some people promised Parcy that they were not going to go eat at Burger King after becoming his friend.  “I didn’t know cows were so sweet.”  This is the 2nd year that Parcy has been in the nativity, last year he was a tiny little baby.

Sunday was a very busy day at the shelter. One of the visitors walked up to Tawnee with a curious look on his face and said “Did you use to be NorCal Equine Rescue?”  Tawnee said yes and then he said “We adopted a donkey from you a long time ago.”  Tawnee thought about it for a split second and then immediately knew who he was.  We were still in Taylorsville, around 5 years ago, and he and his family adopted Jack the donkey from us.  He was surprised that Tawnee knew who he was right away.  Jack is still doing great and they love him so much.

Forest’s soon to be mom came out to see him.  She is so excited to be bringing him home soon.

Forest quickly had sheer bliss all over his face as his mom gave him a nice massage.

She is happy that she was approved and happily signed his adoption papers.  Now transportation arrangements are being made.

Although Christopher is still at the vet, his adoption papers were signed by his family too.  He will be headed home as soon as he is well enough from his gelding surgery to make the trip.

Some potential adopters came out and looked at Mirage and Pie.  They were really serious about adopting them, but then decided to get a horse that is trained to ride.

Jason meanwhile was doing more manual labor.  He mixed up some concrete and then started shoveling it down a hole in the ground.

The very first post for the pens around the shelters was set.  It will be so exciting to put the horses under the fancy shelters!

There were lots of people that came out and visited the horses.  It is so wonderful that despite the rough economy, the winter and the holiday season, people are still opening their hearts and homes to horses that need a home and someone to love them.

We posted some absolutely lovely donated Jewelry on Ebay.  We have previously posted some of these on Ebay, but they did not receive very many good bids, so the winners of the auctions told us to resell them at a better time.  We hope that just before Christmas is the best time to sell them!

The first item is a very beautiful 14kt Emerald Diamond ring.  It is professional appraised at $1,995 and is currently at $40.  To view this item, click here.

The next item is a absolutely beautiful Topaz Ring, Pendant and Earring set.  Pictures just cannot do these justice.  The ring is size 7.  The set is appraised at $1,335 and currently it is only at $36.  To view the set, click here.

This diamond eternity band seems to be popular!  It is sized 8.5.  The ring was appraised at $995, and is currently at $158.00.  To view this item, click here.

Many thanks to Phil Y., Julie Lopez Photography, Jennifer B., Lisa W., Michael S., Monica S., Angela M., Anne N., Toi W., Deborah M., Jeanne O., Christine M., Tamara S., Valerie C., Jane J., Sarah H., Cindy M., DeAnna B., Laurie T., Renee C., Gary A., James W., Kenda S., Cindy R., Pamela N., Allison T., Judith D., Teresa L. Dena L., Eloise H., Shirley K., Gale S., Becky B.,Sharon G., IBM, United Way, Joyce D., Natalie K., Anna P., Tamara L. and for the numerous people who sent in cash donations to help!  You are all horses heroes!

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