Today Forest was getting ready to go to his new home.  He was so happy to finally be heading to his home where he will be loved on and cherished every day.  Forest was originally rescued at the Petaluma Livestock auction back in the early part of this summer.  Someone who didn’t care what happened to him just dumped him and waited for their check.  Thanks to your support, he was heading home.

Tawnee really liked Forest and we will really miss him.  He was one that Tawnee could really see keeping herself.  He is, as Tawnee says, “A really fun horse to ride.”

Soon Larry was leading him over to the waiting trailer.  Forest had made a lot of friends both horse and human at the shelter, and it was sad for everyone to see him go, yet at the same time everyone was happy that Forest was starting his new life.

It was not long before Forest was at his new home looking out at all the new scenes.  He couldn’t wait to see his new mommy.

Forest calmly walked out of the trailer as April led him.

Soon Forest’s new mom was at his side posing for their adoption photo.  She was very excited  to have her boy with her finally home.

As April and Larry were leaving Forest, now named Second Chances, was settling in.  Chance we are so happy that you found such a wonderful home where we know that you will be loved and cared for.

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