There was a lot that needed to be done and Tawnee knew that she was going to be on the road.  She wasn’t feeling good and kept getting chills, she knew for sure she was getting sick.  She headed off to the vet, both the colts have been gelded and were ready to go to their new homes.  Buddy’s new mom was scheduled to pick him up and get him going on his new life.

Christopher was scheduled to be delivered to his new family today.  He loaded up like such a good boy.

There was also a great big senior draft horse who had been dropped off at the vet office for us.  We will call him Grandpa, he is a great big guy who is thin and has stringhalt.

Grandpa was led over to the trailer for loading.  It kind of looked like “Wow, is he going to fit in there?  Good thing we spent a little bit more to get the extra tall trailer.”

Grandpa knew what he was doing and got right into the trailer.

Soon he was in there and had a little room to spare, although you can see his ears are almost touching the roof.  This trailer is a foot taller than normal horse trailers, can you imagine if it was a foot lower?  Poor guy would have to hold his head down to ride, that wouldn’t be as comfortable for him, and balance is everything when you’re riding in a trailer.

When everyone got loaded up they hit the road.  Tawnee was feeling pretty miserable at this point and realized that she had a pretty good fever going on.

On the way back to the shelter to drop off Grandpa there were so many birds perched on the powerlines they were sagging the lines down.  It was quite the sight!  By the time the camera could be turned on, most of the birds had already flown away.

At the shelter Grandpa was unloaded.  He is such a good boy and unloaded without any fuss.

While Grandpa was getting settled in Christopher was wondering why he wasn’t getting unloaded.

After a bit of a drive, Christopher finally got his turn to unload at his new home.

A quick pose for the adoption photo, then it was time to get Christopher settled in his forever home.

He has a big beautiful pen where he can enjoy munching on the yummy grass.

Back at the shelter Tawnee unhooked the trailer and was feeling utterly miserable.  She just wanted to lay down on a hay bale, close her eyes and wake up the next morning.  But, that wouldn’t work, and of course there are always all the phone calls that keep pouring in.  She was unhooking the trailer and talking on the phone all at once, trying to sound chipper and happy.

Tawnee finally got off work, she went home and found that she had a fever of 103.9.  She may not get a whole lot done over the next few days…  She always says when she does get sick it’s a forced vacation.  One time a volunteer said “Oh, you’re sick?  Good, you needed a vacation.”  It’s been her pet saying ever since.

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