Friday Hannah was scheduled to leave the shelter and be adopted by her new family.  She loaded up in the trailer without too much fuss at all.

She was wondering where her adventure would take her.  We always wish we could tell the horses what is going on and that everything will be ok.

At her new home Hannah’s mom was so happy to finally have her in her arms.  We can’t thank them enough for giving Hannah such a great home.

Sunday morning the NEIGH girls were there bright and early with a truck full of donated tack.  The only problem was, they had left the key to the camper at home, which locked all the tack inside the truck.  This meant that they had to send the smallest girl squeezing through the window to unlock it from the inside.

The NEIGH girls have been faithfully donating their time and effort for the last few years.  Every time the girls have come they have had great experiences at our organization.  Last year they got to take Prince for a walk.  One time when they came out there was a surprise and they got to watch a goat give birth.  Always exciting times at the shelter!

We can’t thank this group of dedicated girls enough.  Each year they come they are a little older, but they their enthusiasm grows too.

They had piles of tack!

Soon the med room became the donated tack room and was overflowing.

The NEIGH girls got to meet Parcy.  They had never met him before, but loved hearing his story and meeting him.

They had a lot of fun taking Parcy for a walk.  They hadn’t been around a cow much before, so it was a wonderful education experience to meet a gentle cow in person.

Then they met Phoenix.  Phoenix was still in rehab at the vet when  they came out last time, but this time they got to meet him.

They were horrified at the pictures of Phoenix when he was rescued.

Larry was supervising some volunteers, there was quite a large group of them out.  Larry made sure they all did their jobs right. One of the days projects was putting plastic on the leaking roof over the mobile office.

Inside the tack room part of the trailer the ladies were working hard on making hooks to hang halters and lead ropes on.

Tawnee and April were going through the donated tack, there were a lot of blankets which we definitely needed, and a lot of halters and lead ropes which are always in short supply.  They sorted through the tack to determine what was needed and what should be sold at a tack sale.

Meanwhile Larry was still supervising the projects and volunteers.

The inside of the tack room was coming along beautifully.  It’s amazing that many hands really do make light work.

It was a great group of volunteers out helping enthusiastically.

This young man was a great help and plans on coming out as often as he can to help out.

Remember the first Christmas gift?  April had the honor of opening it.

Inside was an edible candy wreath with an adorable little rocking horse Christmas tree ornament and a check for $50.

It looks so cute hanging in our office.

A trailer pulled in with a horse that was being surrendered.  It’s an older mare who is said to have a kicking problem.  We will be evaluating her to find out what is going on, but she has kicked at humans.

The horses at the shelter all enjoyed a lovely day with lots of volunteers eyeing them over and spending time with them, making sure they are all happy and comfortable.  It was nice to have  beautiful sunny day.

Evening finally came and it was time to say “Goodnight” to the horses.

A huge “Thank you!” goes to Sara H., Anonymous, Margaret B., Donna A., Claudia S., Denise S., Danielle C., Kristen D., Carla G., Cristi S., William E., Marilyn R., Katherine C. for their very generous donations.

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