Monday morning found Tawnee at the shipping store getting the jewelry that sold shipped out.  We are so grateful to Sandy for donating the jewelry that is proving to be a very successful fundraiser.

After the packages had been mailed Tawnee headed out to the shelter.  It was cloudy and looked like rain might start falling soon.

Tawnee got a blanket on Hope just in case it started raining she could stay dry whether she chose to go under a shelter or not.

The trailer was hooked up and Tawnee headed out for what she knew would be a busy day.

She stopped in to see Gato.  He has been doing good, with the cooler weather his weight gain has slowed down, but he is still gaining weight.  He is such a sweet boy!

Then Tawnee hit the road once again to her next destination, a pickup of 2 horses who’s owner passed away.

The woman’s brother met Tawnee at the boarding stable to sign the horses over.  The two horses are a mother and daughter pair.  The mother is 34 and suffering from cancer and blindness.  Her daughter is 26 and sadly also has cancer.  The boarding stable operator says she bleeds from the nose quite often and it is really sad.

Soon both of the horses were loaded up in the front of the trailer.  We will have our vet evaluate them to find out what exactly is going on.

After the horses were settled and they were on the road, Tawnee just had to take a picture of this beautiful tree that covered the entire road.

Soon she arrived at Yuba County Animal Services where they had a couple horses waiting.

As Tawnee was getting ready to walk in to get the paperwork done, she had to stop and smile, then say to herself “If the horses loaded in that trailer, it won’t be any trouble loading them in the big trailer.”

When the paperwork was done, the prison crew got to work loading up some extra horse feed for the shelter.  We can’t thank Yuba Count Animal Services enough for donating their extra horse feed, it is really appreciated!

Once the feed was loaded it was time to load the horses.

The horses owner apparently got deported and the horses got loose and were taken in by Animal Control.  This is one of the horses that was surrendered.

The other horse is a mature stallion that knows that he can push his weight around.  Tawnee had a hard time getting him haltered because he kept trying to bite her and the Animal Control Officer.  Tawnee was afraid that he was going to strike out, but he was more interested in biting.

Finally they were all loaded up and the drive back to the shelter began as the sun was quickly falling.

As Tawnee was driving she saw a pickup with 1 bale of hay in it.  It wasn’t just a normal bale of hay, it was one of those huge over-sized bales on steroids.  It was a funny sight, it made the truck look so small.

As always, the inevitable stop to get fueled up. Tawnee had to smile though, when she looked in the back of the truck, to see…

…all those bags of donated feed.

Back at the shelter the stallion definitely gave Tawnee a run for her money, she was dreading unloading the stallion.  He jumped out of the trailer, whinnying and couldn’t believe his luck that he was where there were so many horses: horses to breed and horses to fight.  Not at this place, sorry fella.  He is headstrong and tried to drag Tawnee around, but thankfully she got him in the round-pen.  She made sure the gate was tied securely as Animal Control warned her that he knows how to lift gate levers, untie stuff, whatever it takes to get out.

The other 3 horses are gentle souls that can understand that they should be nice to poor Tawnee who still isn’t feeling the best.  They all unloaded without any troubles and were safely settled in for the night.

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  1. Hi Tawnee,
    I have a trick that I have used on stallions. It has never hurt one yet, but it gives them something to think about other then what they want to think about, lol. Next time you go to halter this boy (or any other stallion) have the snap placed on the far side up by the ear. Then you run the lead rope (or chain) down to the next metal part and run it through to the other side and out. This will be called the mouth piece. Next thing you do is have the ‘mouth piece’ pulled down so that the horse can be haltered as normal. You can use the ‘mouth piece’ over the nose if you need to gain control and calm him down. Once he has settled a little take the ‘mouth piece’ and lower it to his mouth and if hes a biter he may open up for you. If not, you can apply light pressure to the bar of his mouth and he will open. Slide the rope in and pull tight. This will not hurt him but he will start to chew on it and thats what you want. While hes got his mind on the rope you have him under control and its safe to move him where ever you want. If he starts to act up give him a little reminder that maybe ‘thats not such a good thing to do right now’, with a little tug. He will get the idea quick enough. I have used this method with stallions that before would come out of the barn on 2 legs and striking with the other 2. After the use of this method just once, he came out on all 4’s and safer. Its safer for him and his handlers. Let me know who this works for you..

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