To catch everyone up on what has been happening recently, it’s been raining.  Please realize that over the holidays that the blogs will not necessarily be daily.

On Wednesday Eoos was taken to the vet for gelding.  He is the stallion that was transferred from Yuba County Animal Control.  His owner, from what we are told, was deported.  He knows he is a stallion, but after looking at his teeth, it was found that he is about 3 years old.  We are hopeful that his biting problem can be cured with training.  He is an Andalusian and may be trained to ride as he is wearing shoes.  He needs some time to mellow out and realize that his days of looking at mares is over.

For now, he dreams about whatever mare he can see.  We are hopeful that he will make a very nice gelding.

We also had a horse surrendered at Look Ahead.  She is in her 30’s, was not eating and was underweight.  Her owner realized it was time to say “Goodbye” and after evaluation it was found that humane euthanasia was our only option due to her age and health issues.

We’ve had a lot of odd things happening recently, we are hoping that this phase gets over soon!

On the way back from the vet Tawnee saw something on the road and thought she was almost going to hit it.  Was it a deer?  No, it was a goat.  A loose goat on the road.

Tawnee had an empty trailer so she loaded up the goat.  It would have been terrible to have hit the poor goat or someone else hit the goat.

Unbeknown to our staff, someone loaded up some horses and started a trip of 300 miles to surrender 3 horses.  Apparently she arrived at the shelter about 8:00 at night, and spent the night in her truck parked on the side of the road.  April found her around 7:00 in the morning when she went out to feed.  Surprisingly, she was extremely gracious about spending the night along the road.  The horses were also happy to get out and explore their new temporary shelter.

Friday Tawnee was headed out to take the goat to Animal Control.  Our goat pen is too small to put another goat in it.  Since it was a loose goat hopefully Animal Control can find its owner.

Sure is a cute goat!  He was a little wide eyed wondering what was going to happen next.

Sunday morning was an extremely strange day.  On the way to feed, Jason and Tawnee found a loose cow running away from a local butcher shop along the road in a residential area.  They called 911 and dispatch immediately sent a unit.  They were told that the day before a cow had been charging cars, so be careful.

The followed the cow for a long time, and it finally went down a side street and behind someones house into their yard.  The Highway Patrol arrived, and Tawnee told him where the cow was last seen.  They hit the road again thinking the excitement would be over.

They made a quick stop at the Post Office to pick up the mail, but upon entering the Post Office a large amount of fresh blood was found all over the floor.  The photo has been tinted to take the shock out of the photo.  So, once again, 911 was called.

Then they waited for the Police to arrive.  Apparently several stores down a person staggered in bleeding from the head.  He didn’t know what had happened and soon collapsed in the store.  The responding officers and paramedics didn’t know where he came from.

When he arrived at the Post Office, the officer began taking crime scene photos.  It wasn’t even 8:30 in the morning and they had already been on the phone with 911 for two separate incidents.  They really hoped the day would get less dramatic.

The morning chores were done, and due to the rain, the shelter was closed.  On the road they soon found two loose mules.  They know who they belong to so the mules were herded back into their yard and the gate was closed.

Fugly Horse of the Day posted about AAA seizure.  To read Cathy’s thoughts, click here. When we posted this on Facebook, people thought it was uncalled for to post the link.

On April 2009 we had the pleasure of working with Cathy, the writer of Fugly Horse of the Day, out in Nebraska at the 3 Strikes Ranch fiasco.  She has an interesting blog which we, along with thousands of other folks, find interesting to read when we have a spare minute.

This months euthanasia clinic drop off is Wednesday at Look Ahead Vet.  Due to the holidays this will be a low-cost clinic, but in January we will have the free clinic once again.  If someone desperately cannot afford euthanasia for their horse, and their horse would suffer if it was not euthanized this month, please email us.

Many thanks to Marilyn R. – Jody H. – Gail G. – Roberta A. – Jennifer B. – Kelly B. – Pamela N. – Suzanne F. – Sondra W. – Anita M. – Sheri B. – Leslie C. – Trudi R. and  CynthiaM. for their support!

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