First of all we have some important notices of stolen / missing horses.

This is Gigi, she was stolen approximately a year ago.  If anyone knows anywhere this mare may be, her owner would be extremely grateful for any information.  Any information would be such a wonderful gift this Christmas.

The other horse that is missing is Heavenly Harmony.  Her owner writes:  “She is said to look younger than 20 y/o, BUT the attached picture was taken when she was about 15 and she may have been in foal in that pick as well.  She is almost black, with the only white on her being a diagonal narrow star.  She has a lip tattoo T10073. She was erroneously sold thru Mike\’s Auction (in Mira Loma, CA) on Feb. 13, 2010 and allegedly went to a KB and then to a Charro buyer near Bakersfield.”

Our credit card program is just amazing.  There are 12 people signed up and almost $700 has been raised, just by swiping when they purchase.  We can’t thank those 12 people enough!  That is almost $60 a person in the first few months!  Interested?  Click here to learn more.

We got a desperate phone message that broke our hearts when we heard it Monday morning.  Paula is an elderly lady who was desperate to have some help with her horses.  We put her message on Youtube so you can hear just a glimpse of the kinds of phone calls we get so often.  To watch the video, click here.

We called her back and got it arranged.  She was no longer able to keep them and so Jason and a volunteer headed out to pick them up.

She really loved her two special friends and was so heart broken to have to surrender them.

She had owned them since they were both baby’s.  It was so hard to say “Goodbye” but knew she could no longer take care of them.  So many times we see people wait too long before doing what is best and their horse ends up being neglected.

Soon both of the horses were being led over to the waiting trailer.

In just a minute, Goldy, the Palomino, was loading up in the trailer.  She was a very good girl and didn’t cause any trouble.

Guy, on the other hand, didn’t really want to leave his home and mommy.

He needed some encouragement from his mom that everything was going to be ok.

He needed a hug.

And then he got in.

They made the trip  safely and then they were safely unloaded. Their intake pictures didn’t take long at all.  They were a little wet though because of the rain.  Guy is a 6 year old QH who is said to loves lots of affection.

Goldy is a 6 year old QH mare.  She also loves attention and is a very pretty girl.

Both horses settled in nicely.  They are both said to have been started under saddle but then sat for awhile.

The other day somehow it didn’t make it into the blog, but Cheveyo finally got that ride home.  We wish him the best!

Many thanks to Sara H., Sandra S., Gail G. and Jane R. for their very generous donations.

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