The 21st was the post seizure hearing for the recent horse seizure of 15 horses from a local person.  The vast majority of the readers love hearing the updates, while a few would prefer we not spend any more time on the subject.  One of the reasons we know we must keep you updated is in the media spreading out around the world, a horse rescue had 15 horses seized in Oroville.  It is important for people to realize that this was not our organization and that just because someone calls themselves a rescue, does not mean they are incapable of abusing horses.

Tawnee went to the hearing and broadcast the hearing live, which had over 100 viewers live and now has had over 900 people learning the truth for themselves.  If you would like to watch the 5+ hours of video, click here.

While Tawnee was broadcasting, one of Christina’s friends decided to video Tawnee through a lot of the hearing.  Tawnee thought it was funny that she was more interesting in videoing Tawnee than seeing the photo evidence that was on the screen.

When the person started videoing Tawnee the photographic evidence of why the seizure was absolutely necessary was being shown on Powerpoint.  Tawnee was amazed that the person seemed oblivious to the condition of the horses.

This horse, No Use in Crying, was humanely euthanized, and has become a ‘martyr’ of sorts for Christina’s supporters.  They write things like:

Carol McBride They only didi this cause he was gelded and no use to them and they knew that would hurt Christina. They only put him down and not the other one with P.F. that don’t make no scence. The best part of the whole thing today though was seeing one of the B’s that took the horse’s on crutch’s “hope one of Christine’s horse’s did it” LOL.”

We will let the pictures speak for themselves.  The top pictures were taken August 31st, he had been recently gelded.  The pictures on the bottom were taken the day of the seizure.  Notice the horrible penile infection.  The vet stated that he could not pee, and whenever he tried, bubbles of urine would push out through the skin and ooze.  In the bottom right photo you can see a bubble of pee.

No Use in Crying was a permanent resident according to her website: http://www.aaaequinerescue.com/no-use-in-crying.php Over a year ago, when Christina wanted to adopt Honey and Prince, having a stallion was one of the reasons we could not adopt to her.  Our policy states that we do not adopt mares to anyone with a stallion.  The fact is, this was her personal horse which she owned before she started AAA.  When this picture was taken in August he was thin, but nothing like…

…he was at the seizure.  Christina stated at the hearing that she had to take his body score down to 1, which is as skinny as you can get a horse, so he could be gelded.  No Use in Crying was gelded before the August photo’s were taken, and yet he continued losing weight.  His penile infection, which he did not have in August, had gone so far that Dr Weaver stated that if he would have stepped or pulled on it, it would have fallen off it was so infected and rotten.  No Use in Crying cried out in pain, misery and starvation as best he could, but his cries fell on deaf ears until Butte County Animal Control stepped in.

Below are some pictures, some taken from the hearing, others from Christina’s website: www.aaaequinerescue.com.

This is House.  This is how she looked in May.

In August Butte County Animal Control took numerous photo’s, and Christina at that time agreed to have 19 horses seen by a vet.  Which she failed to do.

This is Biggie, photo taken in June.

Only two months later she looked like this.  You can see the dates between the top 2 photos and the bottom 2 photos, between August and Dec.

When Biggie was seized she had a huge hole in the side of her shoulder that required immediate surgery to combat the raging infection that Dr Weaver stated was not being properly treated.

This is Star, a 16 year old mare: http://www.aaaequinerescue.com/star.php This photo was taken in July.

The Animal Control August visit photo.

And this is Star’s rescue (seizure) photo.  She looks skinnier to us.  Dr Weaver said she probably lost about 250 lbs since the August photo.

Another horse named Scarlet.  In August she was a body score of 4.

At the seizure, she had lost a lot of weight.  Scarlet was, according to Christina’s website, being boarded.  How anyone could let a “boarding stable” do this to their horse is beyond us.  Perhaps this is a good wakeup call?

Channel 12 covered the hearing and have a great news clip online you can watch.  Just click here.

The OrovilleMR newspaper also sent out a reporter.  To read the article, click here.

It just amazes us that Christina took her own personal horse, No Use in Crying, starved him almost to death on purpose, according to her own testimony at the hearing.

And brought him into this condition and left his terrible infection to rage on and on without proper treatment.  It is so sickening, cruel, immoral and illegal.

This is our report from being at the hearing.  Once again we feel that the horses in Christina’s care required help and we support Butte County Animal Control whole heartedly in the seizure of the horses.

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  1. This just makes me so sick! I’m glad Tawnee went to the hearing. I don’t know why some regular supporters would not want to hear all the details. I hope Christina and her husband go to jail! This isn’t my line but heard it this week “The devil is in the details.” I know Tawnee has said this before “If they’re shooting at you, you must be doing the right thing.” I don’t know how Christina can have even one supporter. I’m so disgusted and here it’s Christmas Eve.

  2. christine must be on crack 🙁
    Like i said before, she needs a good bitch slap upside her head….and i am the lady to do it!!!!!!!
    Christina is mentally ill 🙁
    SHAME ON HER !!!!

    1. I think if she’s NOT mentally ill she needs to be Bi$@h slapped, or worse. I hope they throw the book at her and do NOT ALLOW HER TO OWN ANY ANIMALS. She’s a nut case, and I question her ‘backers’ and ‘supporters’

  3. My tears cannot bring back NO USE IN CRYING. How could anyone so mistreat such beautiful creatures as these. We are the ones that are suppose to protect and provide life for these innocent horses. I have a rescue mare Georgea that had a body score of two when I got her. She is now 25 years old and such a wonderful girl. To see her fit and happy always makes my day. I would love to have the humans who mistreat their animals to suffer as they had them suffer. Unless more punishment is levied on these individuals this will continue. My Christmas prayer is that if you do not want your horse or can not take care of him or her properly please find a rescue or new owner for this horse-DO NOT LET THEM SUFFER

  4. Like that football player convicted of abusing dogs for dog fighting these people should not be allowed to own horses ever again. My two elderly mares with Cushings I had put down as there was no hope for them and I would not let them suffer. During these bad economic times I have taken in three horses from people who have lost their jobs and houses and could not afford to keep them. I can not understand why people would take in horses in if they can’t feed them. I was asked to look at a horse that the owner couldn’t afford to feed. It was in it’s late 20’s and it’s teeth were worn down to the gums. It was starving, but she wanted to “SAVE” it. I suggested a bullet would be the kindest thing. Oh the horror of that fate. The photos of those poor horses remind me of the photos of Nazi death camps

  5. These poor horses, the victims of neglect, ignorance,abuse and abject cruelty, the sight of them, in their misery, makes me feel ill. I am so sorry for them. How could those people do this horrible crime. Thank you Butte County Animal Control for stepping in to seize these poor victims. God Bless the animals and all of you who helped them. Loretta Kent

  6. The words to describe these individuals are thus, cruel, evil, heartless, and immoral. I agree, they should be convicted just like Michael Vick was and then no longer allowed to keep any animals or be around any animals! My husband and I have taken in rescues as well as adopted mustangs, but we know our limit based on our income. We also live on an Indian Reservation and it’s heart breaking to see all the starving animals out here from the abject poverty that is around us, but to do what these people have done just for the pure meanness of it, they should be ashamed of themselves. Shame on you Christine!

  7. I believe the Almighty gives us nudges to steer us in the proper direction from time to time. I got one when I missed the turn off onto Melody Lane one May afternoon. I got another when I went back until I watched all of the footage from the post-seizure hearing. Although incredibly heart-wrenching, it was also extremely informative.
    I haven’t met Dr. Weaver yet, didn’t know about semi-annual vet visits, hadn’t heard that CA alfalfa is no longer considered a good feed, and so on. I have to admit, it wasn’t until we accidentally switched to a similar feeding regimen to what she recommends that I started being able to keep weight on my mare. Thank you H+HS for bringing us truth, enlightenment, and education. What was that Dr. Weaver said…”Educate! Educate! Educate!”
    I’ve also seen what just one very cold night out of the blue can do to undo weight gain. It was scheduled to be cold, and coming on wet and cold with snow levels dropping at the time the seizure was made. A horse with a body score of 1 could very well have lost a life-battle on one of those nights if left unattended, exposed to the elements, or under a heavy canvas blanket that had soaked through. That’s what the seizure was about. It just got that touch-and-go really fast. It can happen. It did.
    We all need to be wary and keep an eye out for folks who want to mean well, but end up causing needless suffering to animals in their zeal to be helpful. Not just here in Butte Co., but in Butte, Montana, and across the nation. This case isn’t isolated. It’s horribly sad that it’s in my town…but I thank God that there were people being watchful enough to see that these horses weren’t thriving, weren’t gaining ground, and made the authorities aware. And thank you, Tawnee, for making the proceedings available to all of us.

  8. .
    When the time comes for these people to ask for forgiveness from the Lord, I’m sure he will
    ask :”what good have you done?” For some reason I’m sure, they will need a lot of time to answer this important question.

    May you be forgiven

  9. I worked diligently from the day AAA moved to my area and now I celebrate the freedom of a small band of animals. They are no different than the small children I see, innocent and unable to communicate their needs. ALL DOMESTICATED ANIMALS HAVE THE RIGHT TO CLEAN WATER, FOOD, AND SHELTER FROM THE SWELTERING SUN AND FREEZING RAIN. If you cannot provide basic comforts and some of your time you do not have the right to keep an animal (maybe not a child either) I challenge anyone who believes they are witnessing inhumane treatment of animals, DO NOT TURN AWAY, TURN THEM IN.
    Education is the way to knowledge. Do not think you are all knowing. I have been involved with equines my entire life (40 + years) those that say they know everything know the least.
    I am ashamed that our world has forgotten right from wrong. That this situation has to be debated is outrageous. Ms Villalobos needs to consider a college education on animal science, husbandry, ranch management etc… Her legal representative is embarassing herself by representing her

  10. All of this makes me sick to my stomach…all creatures and I do mean all need to be treated humanly….they are all creatures of god. Even the cows, pigs, chickens ets that we eat should be humanly killed. They all feel pain. I will never understand people that think we (humans) have the right to inflict pain or sorrow on another of gods creatures. People kill people …. what is wrong with our world? Will things ever get better? People who do this kind of thing need to have the same fate inflicted on them.

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