There is a gentle stream flowing through the shelter with all the recent rain.  It has been raining a lot, but when the sun does come out it is so beautiful.  The nice thing is, we found out we have great drainage as all the water ends up in the creek and flows off the property.  Some of the horses enjoy playing in the water too.  It’s win win all around.  For future planning of the facility we are finding out where the water likes to go.

The kb called up to see if we would be interested in buying a few horses.  We told him that we could take a few.  When he arrived he told us that he wasn’t going to be working with the staging area anymore and wasn’t really going to be going to horse auctions.  He said it doesn’t pay enough anymore and he’s just tired of it all.  This very well may be our last save from this particular person.  He said he took two lambs to the auction and got $150 a piece for the lamps.  He sold us all 4 horses below for $400, and he delivered them for free.  He says that goats and sheep make a whole lot more sense, and they don’t eat as much.

This is a QH cross mare.  She seems really sweet and she may be trained to ride, but we’ll have to evaluate her to find out.  Her name is Cinnamon, thanks to Jennifer G for the name suggestions for these horses.

This poor horse is a yearling but has a severe problem with her front left leg.  It’s an old injury that is causing her a lot of problems.  We will have our vet check her out to determine what is going on and what the best decision is for her.  Her name is Stormy.

This pretty mare is an Arabian who is halter trained.  Our guess is she is also trained to ride, but she still needs to be evaluated.  Meet Rain.

This horse was in the trailer and he said we could buy him if we wanted too.  He is a cute little guy but may have something wrong with his hind end, we’ll have him evaluated to find out what is going on.  He sure is cute!  His name is Ranger.

Tawnee did go to Christina’s hearing, she wanted to record the evidence and to see for herself the condition of the horses from the PowerPoint presentation.  This was a public hearing.  If you would like to read our report and see the picture evidence for yourself, click here.

Thank you all for your support, both emotional and financial.  A huge “Thank you!” to:  Gail G. – Jane R. – Diane M. – Heather R. – Zach W. – Donald S. – Jean S.

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  1. Just watched the hearing and saw the video regarding AAA. If HPHS needs someone to write letters to make sure this person does not get her horses back let me know, or if an attorney would help please put out a shout, I will gladly assist. Why isn’t she in jail? These horses look like the ones the KB brings in. I was also very amused at the blogs or comments that AAA supporters made. Again if any help needed please ask! God Bless you HPHS.

  2. I am so happy the truth is out about this person. She and her husband are horse killers and the video is her saying it herself. I was just on their facebook page and was shocked at how many people actually believe this nut! How dumb are they? Guess they are horse killers too or at least pro-slaughter because that would be the only group of people backing this crazy woman!

    You are by far the best rescue I have ever known. They are simply jealous of you and that is the reason they are blaming you for being involved. That is the automatic reflex of a person caught with their hands covered in red (blood).
    Those horses have suffered long enough. She and her husband should be in prison and made to pay back all the money they have gotten from people.

    Kudos to you Tawnee your the best!

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