We have some exciting news about a program we have been working on since the spring, and we are finally able to announce this brand new program as officially started just in time for the new year.  In the spring we posted that our drop pen would be a Safe Surrender Site for horses, but since then we wanted to expand on that idea.  We posted a picture of the proposed sign, which was similar to Safe Surrender Site for infants, but with a horse in it.  Due to the coloring and design, it was somewhat similar to Habitat for Horses logo.  Now that our Horse Plus Humane Society logo has been finalized, we are able to incorporate it into the Safe Surrender Site logo.

Look Ahead Veterinarian Services is our first off site Safe Surrender Site location.  SAFE is an acronym for “Saving Animals From Endangerment.”  Anytime an animal is in danger of being abused, neglected, starved, or its owners can no longer keep it, they can be brought to a Safe Surrender Site.  Not only accessible for animals to be surrendered, but for low cost euthanasia as well, meaning that if a horse is in need of prompt euthanasia to relieve suffering, it does not have to wait for our next scheduled euthanasia clinic.  Currently animals that are surrendered at a Safe Surrender Site require a $150 surrender fee, unless prior arrangements are made.  We would love to provide unlimited free surrenders at our Safe Surrender Site’s, but we need sponsors to do that!  If you or your business are willing to sponsor a horse a month, or more, please contact us.

From this date on, any horse (or other animal, please no exotics) can be dropped off at our first Safe Surrender Site, Look Ahead Vet, at any time during their business hours, with a $150 surrender fee.  Their address is: 1451 Clark Rd, Oroville Ca.  Please give them a courtesy call before arriving, 530-534-0722 so they can have a stall waiting.

We are already looking into additional Safe Surrender Sites, we are hoping the next one will be in Central California, but we can’t do it without your support! Help us keep horses SAFE!

Even though  it wasn’t officially announced, we had a horse surrendered at the SAFE Surrender Site on Monday.  This horse was experiencing so much pain as soon as he was put into a stall he laid down to get the weight off his legs.

Apparently this horse had a terrible problem where he was experiencing a lot of pain, and despite his loving owners best efforts, nothing more could be done.  They were unable to afford euthanasia or the surrender fee, relying on SAFE Surrender Site supporters like you.  We are, as you can probably tell, really excited about this new program and we know that it will keep a lot of horses from endangerment and needless suffering.

On the way to get hay, Jason found a big puddle to drive through.  With all the rain recently, some of the road has turned into a lake.  It’s always good that there is more than 1 way to get there and back.  Sometimes shortcuts aren’t always the quickest.  It really wasn’t as deep as it looks in the photo, he did make sure it was very safe before driving through.

Jason probably has more experience driving through rivers than most people, back when the rescue first started near Taylorsville, it was located beyond a year round river that they had to drive through every time they went anywhere.  It was another great reason why the rescue moved, it really scared adopters when they came up to the river…

At the hay place they moved some stacks of hay around to get to the good stuff.  Jason is always amazed how easy it would make life to have a flatbed they could just put the hay on with the squeeze…

…but instead it’s all hand stacked inside the stock trailer.

Soon it was all safely back at the shelter ready for hungry horses to munch down.

As many of you know, the AAA hearing was broadcast live, but unfortunately the quality was too low to see the actual condition of the horses that were seized. We want you to be able to hear and see what happened. This is the condition of the horses at the time of seizure.  To see the true condition of the horses at the time of seizure, click here.

It is truly amazing to us that anyone could support this level of abuse, and attack our supporters for merely posting on our Facebook.  Here are just a couple of reports we have received about AAA supporters contacting you, our friends.

“Now I am being FB messaged by someone called Poppy Potts. She said: ‘You need to pay nor cal a visit and check out how their horses are kept and now is a good time. the mud ought to be pretty deep now. All nor cal wants is the money, first and foremost. they are living off of people like you over the internet that don’t know them. Go look at their facilities. they don’t even have a septic to flush their human waste. If they can’t bleed you, you are worthless to them.they are full of propaganda. Oh, and when you go over there, don’t tell them you are coming, suprise them.’ Just thought you should be aware. I am not going to be messing around with this at all anymore. I just posted because I was shocked that AAA somehow blames you for their own atrocities.  You have my support. Your organization is excellent and I have been a fan for years. I wish you the best and will eventually send money when I have some to spare. Keep posting all of those excellent updates and photos on your website. That’s about all I am going to say on this subject. Those folks over at AAA are freakin’ crazy.”

Then after we posted the latest video on Facebook this morning, someone wrote this in the comments:  “How can anyone say that’s okay? WOW and the last time I posted I got Private messages saying how wonderful they are and how terrible you guys are and How NUIC was almost healed and didn’t need to be put down… That poor horse, he was suffering!! How can they say that his penis was just fine, Are they blind?????????? I just don’t get it!”

The fact is, we will continue sharing as interesting events develop, it’s not every day that a huge horse seizure happens right in our home town, especially since their supporters are slandering us and badgering our supporters and followers.  We will keep sharing the truth.

Today’s Ebay Giving Works item sadly does not exist.  To help out the horses while selling your trash or treasures on Ebay, just select what percentage you want to donate while you are setting up your item for sale.  It really does help out!

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