We’ve been having a lot of rain.  Thanks to good drainage and lots of green grass, the horses are fine, but it is now impossible to drive anything other than the gator in the high traffic areas where vehicles go.   We are hoping to get some gravel in this week.

El Monte was the horse that was surrendered to the Safe Surrender Site yesterday.  He was made comfortable over night, and today it was determined that humane euthanasia was the only option to end his suffering.

His poor legs were so broken down and he had bed sores from trying to keep the weight off of his legs as much as possible.  It’s always sad when there is nothing that can be done but to say “Goodbye” and know they are finally at peace.

Eoos had his brain surgery (gelding) and is recovering fine but had some abnormal swelling so he is staying at the vet a little longer to make sure he is OK.

He really is an incredibly beautiful horse.  He is proving to us that he is doing his best to be a very good boy and we are sure he will find that perfect home.

On a completely different side note off the normal topic, but we know Jason’s fans will love it, Jason has made it to the almost big time in his acting career.  Most of you probably didn’t know that Jason has done some acting, but finally one of the films he has acted in is on Netflix.  If you have Netflix, it might be fun to watch Jason in a film.  It’s titled “Reflections on the Lord’s Prayer.” Jason is the first person seen in the film and then again throughout the film several times.

Now for the Tawnee fans, Tawnee and All Road Communications have teamed up to bring you a challenge for the new year.  The challenge is for you to help animals and yourself all at the same time.  More to come in the next blog…

Many thanks to Nicholas W., Gail G., Elizabeth F., for their extremely generous donations.  We couldn’t do it without you!

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