We would like to wish you all a Yappy Neigh Year!  That is animal speak for “Happy New Year.”  The dogs are yapping and the horses are neighing: it’s a new year!  If you do a Google search for that phrase, you’ll see it’s very original.  No doubt it will become much more popular hopefully.  We think it’s a great way to think of the new year.

We have some quick year end stats for you.  447 animals were rescued in 2010, the vast majority of those were horses.  You will notice that it is an increase of 31 animals from 2009, while our euthanasia rate actually went down from 59% to 48%!  We would like to thank each and every adopter that made this possible.  Everyone that opens their heart and home to an animal in need saves it’s life.  Each year there are more and more animals that we are able to help, while the economy goes down.

Our accountant gave us an approximate year end chart on how the funds raised were spent.  Our approximate total donations (there are still a few more hours in 2010 and it’s not too late to donate, click here) for 2010 were $196,900.  You can click on the photo to have it enlarged so you can read it.

One of our main structural goals for 2011 is to improve the facility.  We have the land, now it’s time to get the structures up.

Another huge goal, and we know we can count on you, is to get 2011 $20.11 a month sponsors to get the structures up, even more animals rescued and placed into forever homes.  More about this coming right up in the new year.  If you would like to get a jumpstart, click here to start your monthly sponsor through Paypal!

from everyone at Horse Plus Humane Society

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