Our very first low cost micro-chipping clinic will be held at Look Ahead Vet Clinic on Jan 12th from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm rain or shine.  The horses will have a lifetime membership where in a disaster they can be immediately tracked back to you, their owner.  Or if they are lost or stolen, they have a permanent link to you.  The micro-chipping will cost $45, including lifetime membership.  For this first clinic we only have an opening for 25 horses.  If you want your horse microchipped and will be brining it to the clinic, please make a reservation.

The vegan for 7 day challenge still has spots open.  You don’t have to notify us to start the challenge, just let us know when you’re done!  As soon as we get that you have finished the challenge, All Roads Communication will donate $20.11.  What could be an easier way to help out?  If you need some help on meal ideas, click here. If you need support, join Tawnee’s Facebook group, click here.

The 10 loose horses from Tehema county owner’s were finally tracked down.  It was a beautiful sunny day when the horses were finally able to go back to their rightful owner.  It turns out that their fences had been cut by motorcyclists and their horses had wandered to a neighboring county, and that Animal Control / Sheriff never notified their county that there were loose horses.  If only county’s would talk to each other, the horses would have been home months ago.

We were sad to see them go, but were glad that our feed bill dropped dramatically.  The owners were thankful that we were there to get their horses and bring them to safety before something tragic happened to them.  We would like to thank you for helping to provide for their care.  Without your support we would have been unable to bring these horses into the shelter.

We had a horse surrendered in under the SAFE program at the Safe Surrender Site.  Pachaa, a 30 year old gelding, had started having health problems and stopped eating.

His owner knew it was time to say “Goodbye” but she didn’t have enough money to have him humanely euthanized and didn’t want to see him suffer.  She only had $60 to donate for his last act of kindness, that was her entire Christmas gifts, but she wanted to give what she could to her best friend.  It was a very sad and tearful “Goodbye” but she made the right decision.

As many of you may have seen in our new years blog, our goal for 2011 is to raise 2011 $20.11 monthly sponsors.  Each year there are more and more animals that need help, and we desperately need steady monthly support we can count on.  If we raise all 2011 sponsors, we are confident that there will be no unwanted horses in California.  The 2011 sponsors would provide the means to care for every horse in California that finds itself without a home or owner and continue making our shelter truly the first ever open door horse shelter.  We have a feeling this year with foreclosures steadily rising, and the economy showing no signs of recovering in a significant way, there will be even more horses that need help than ever.  The sponsors would pay for more staff to help with the workload, better facilities to handle the increase in horses in need, and with your gift of just 67 cents a day, it will make it all possible.  To become a monthly sponsor and for more information, click here.

As an appreciation gift, we will send each new monthly sponsor this beautiful horse and heart bracelet if you want. We realize that most donors do not want a gift, they want 100% of their donation to go directly to the horses, but if you would like this gift we will be happy to send it to you.  Just email us after your have set up your sponsorship.

Many thanks to Pamela C., Kerry M., Sharon L., Reba L., Dee C., Marlana O., Carla G., Elizabeth C., James G., Cindy M., Stephanie J., Cindy R., Dena L., and Brooke P.  We couldn’t do it without you!

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