It was so nice to see the sun finally for an entire day with not a raindrop in sight.  It was time for a long overdue project to get underway.  This found Jason and Tawnee walking through Tractor Supply’s outdoor inventory.

They looked at gates…

…and they looked at fencing.

Soon the selections were made and the items loaded up.

Then it was off to Home Depot, where two people agreed to do the 7 day vegan challenge.  Concrete was also purchased there.  What was the project?  Building a couple little critter pens.

Back at the shelter Tawnee decided Shadow was big enough to wear the bell that Parcy outgrew.

Tawnee thinks she looks much cuter with the bell.  She is such a petite, cute little girl anyways.

Muddy Macho Man got out to run around in the mud and sunshine.  He absolutely loved it!

You could tell from the look on Buckeye’s face that he wanted to get out and play too.

So, the gate was opened and out he flew out and ran around oh so very happy.

Soon Dottie, Macho Man, Shadow and Parcy were all running around the shelter.  Shortly after this picture was taken Dottie made a bit too tight of a corner, slid out like the zebra on Racing Stripes, and made herself even muddier.  She jumped right back up and the race was on once again.

While the critters were playing the humans were working.  Tawnee had to transplant a tree because it was where the little critter pen would be, and little trees and little critters don’t generally get along very well.

Then a small tragedy struck.  A little frog was found with some very serious problems.

His back leg had become crushed and mutilated and his front arm was gone.  Tawnee rushed him to the med room and humanely euthanized him.  Poor little guy, we wish there could have been a better outcome.

Meanwhile Jason was busy digging holes.

Shadow was lounging around so Parcy came over to make sure she was OK.  He is a great big ‘brother’ and takes very good care of the little girl.

The good news is, with all the rain, the post holes are very easy to dig.  We had to get gravel from the creek for all the posts that were not being cemented in as the natural dirt was just too wet.

The sun began setting and the project had to be put off until another day.

It sure was a beautiful sunset!

Many thanks to Dena L., Brooke P., Glennis R., and Roberta A. for their very generous donations!

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