After yesterdays digging and trying to set the posts in the soft dirt, it was decided that each post needed concrete holding it up.  So, it was off to Home Depot once again.

20 sacks of concrete sure can make a lot of weight on the cart!  Thankfully they’re only $3 a sack so the cost was very negligible.

Soon they were loaded up one by one.

On the way to the shelter a poor moving truck had driven off the road and gotten quite stuck.  A couple hours later we did see them driving down the highway so thankfully they found a tow truck big enough to get them out.

At the shelter, little Shadow wanted to pose for that perfect little cow picture. How cute!

Tawnee made a discovery that there seems to be a trouble maker in the midst.  Some renegade seems to be taking delight in chewing horses tails off.  Goldy’s tail has been chewed off right above her hocks.

Phoenix’s tail is half gone!  Not good at all, we will have to get to the bottom of this.

No time for investigations as there were over 30 post holes that had to be dug.  We’re going to try to make digging post holes as interesting as possible for the blog…

A couple volunteers mixed the concrete in the back of the gator in a tub while Jason and Tawnee dug holes.

By lunch time there were quite a number of holes dug and poles set.  It was beginning to look like a small forest.

Macho Man, who is waiting for warmer weather to get his much needed bath, had to beg for a burrito during lunch break.  But then when he got some he didn’t like it.  He likes fair food better than mexican food.

Soon it was time to get back to work.  Tawnee was digging away on this hole and then noticed something happening…

She hit water!  There was a nice little spring at the bottom of this hole.  It’s very possible that our well is far over the 60 gallons a minute it is rated at right now.

Finally the posts were up for the fence and it was time to get the posts set for the shelters.

After several hours of digging Tawnee realized her post hole digger wasn’t working as good as it should.  It turns out the ends were getting bent inward.

Tawnee took a hammer to it and tried to beat it back into shape.

Then Jason came over and had it fixed right up by using his ingenuity.  No beating required.

Soon Tawnee was back digging the last few holes.  Digging holes turned out to be her job as Jason’s job turned out to be setting the posts and making sure they were level.  She says she doesn’t mind because it’ll help her get ahead of the gang on Lose It For Animals.

Annabelle’s mom came out with her new halter to see if it would fit her.  As soon as all the scheduling gets right Annabelle should be able to head home.  Hopefully very soon!

Since it was a fencing day, April and Larry helped out getting the white vinyl fence leveled again.  We had a great group of girlscouts who helped put it up, but it was time for some maintenance.

Finally the holes were all dug, giving a total of about 35 poles that had been done.

Since the job was done Tawnee headed out to spend some time with the horses.  They sure were enjoying lounging around in the sun!  Is the horse in the middle ok?

Shanti was just sound asleep.  She sat up and gave a big yawn.  Nothing like taking a nap on food in the warm sunshine.

We are so thankful that you our supporters made this new facility possible for the horses.  It is such a better environment for them and they all love it so much.

When Jason and Tawnee were leaving the shelter they saw something in the road.  It looked like they were going to strike it rich, gold nuggets fell out of the sky all over the road!  On closer examination it was merely a couple thousand unused bottle caps for like champagne bottles.  Quite strange, you never know what you’re going to see in Oroville.

The day closed with an absolutely beautiful sunset.

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Many thanks to Frederick G., Anita M. put Eoos in adoption pending, Gail G., and Pamela N. for their extremely generous donations!

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